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Travelling (s)miles by post

Email isn't as nice as post, is it? Well, sometimes it is - you know, when it's something cool like an amazing job offer, but really, post is king. Finding a nice handwritten envelope in amongst the bills and junkmail is a real treat. Like kicking leaves in Autumn and finding a shiny new penny hiding underneath.

I've mentioned the MOOSwapping community before I think, people on Flickr and LiveJournal trading MiniCards. Very often people get creative with the way they send things, and these, sent out by the crocheted cat really tickled our fancy:

Photo taken by *~Laura~*

Photo taken by Dogtired

Photo taken by magdela

Photo taken by dyetochange

Photo taken by Malinki

Aside from these cards being really cute, I think this style could be used for a lot of things. I'm the kind of person that gets a note saying 'We've moved house' and ends up ripping out the bit with the address and shoving it in my address book. How much nicer would it be to slip the MiniCard out and keep that instead?

Or for a save-the-date card, having a lovely card from the couple in question to slide out of it's cute illustration and into a diary.

Or even for an invitation with the address on the back - keep it in your purse or wallet, rather than carry around something bigger that just gets squashed in your pocket.

In fact, I like these so much, I'm going to make some.


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17th Sep, 2007 12:32 (UTC)
hey that's my dog card :) thanks for showing how amazing cat's drawings are!
18th Sep, 2007 15:40 (UTC)
Re: dyetochange
It's you! You're everywhere :)
Aren't the drawings great. I really want to try one of my own.
18th Sep, 2007 15:42 (UTC)
Re: dyetochange
If I had any talent for drawing, I would too!
17th Sep, 2007 12:53 (UTC)
i like this idea! Thank you. i think i'll make something like them to send my NaNoWriMo moo cards out to people.
17th Sep, 2007 23:01 (UTC)
NaNoWriMo ...oh god.... it is almost that time, isn't it?!
17th Sep, 2007 15:35 (UTC)
How simple and sweet.
17th Sep, 2007 17:49 (UTC)
love the dog biting the sheep
and the whole concept of these in general!

17th Sep, 2007 22:59 (UTC)
18th Sep, 2007 00:24 (UTC)
I used my first set of MOOs for Save the Dates. We printed out 4x6s of the photos on the MOO and slide the MOO into a discreet slit in the photograph. I'm also sending out "New Home" MOO with wedding pictures for our wedding thank you cards :)
18th Sep, 2007 05:29 (UTC)
i showed one of my teachers the free moo minicard i got from the livejournal offer and she made little business cards with them! :)
20th Sep, 2007 05:28 (UTC)
I need to order more minicards personally but I'm strapped for cash. ;.; I would love to send something like this to everyone I've networked with. I've got so many contacts in so many different areas.
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