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You and the awesome things you do

Hello, it’s been pretty busy here in MOO office, as we’re frantically working on new stuff. I can’t tell you what of course, as it’s Top Secret, but rest assured it’s all looking very exciting. In the meantime, here’s a quick round up of great creative ideas we’ve spotted. A feast for the eyes and the brain…

We featured allisonisugly’s sticker lamp in our last post, and she’s been at it again, with this cool MiniCards set. You put the top and bottom halves together to make a huge variety of faces. They're all kinda scary looking, but the idea is great. It reminds me of the polyorama cards, featured a while back, so if you like this kind of thing, check those out too.

Game designer joshleejosh has also been having fun with his MiniCards, creating a set of Bunny/Pig/Robot/Monster/Ninja cards. You can use these to play a game like Rochambeau (Rock, Paper, Scissors). I love this idea - and now I’m intruiged to know, does he have to hand out 5 cards every time, or are people happy with just the one? (I'd like the whole set, please)

Developer Aral Balkan has also been getting creative, but this time with code. He’s made a set of MiniCards featuring the code needed to get the 100 most recent photos from Flickr into Flash, using SWX. (SWX is the native data format for Flash - if you want to find out more about that, hot-foot it over to Aral’s site to find out more about that.)

And Flickr user anneso_cachemireetsoie has been creative with her designs, in every possible format! She's made beautiful looking Stickers, MiniCards and Notecards, featuring her lovely illustrations. I must admit, I spotted these as they were being processed, and it's great to see how well they've turned out.


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20th Aug, 2007 11:48 (UTC)
My mum bought some stickers from you, they're fab :D
20th Aug, 2007 13:54 (UTC)
To the folks who have already bought cards and stickers;

How long did it take you to decide which pictures to use? Several times now I have sat down and tried to put together an order and then gave up after an hour or so. Maybe it's just me; I have so many animals and so many cute pictures of them that I just want to use them all!

20th Aug, 2007 16:44 (UTC)
Deciding on pictures for my cards - with my free set, I just went with what I could find on my computer / online album at the time & transferred it into my LJ scrapbook. When I bought a set of 100, they were for a specific purpose (for my exhibition) so I used photos of all my projects, plus a few posed workshop-related photos I'd taken...

Guess I'm just too boring, hey?
20th Aug, 2007 14:58 (UTC)
I signed up but never got my free cards.
20th Aug, 2007 15:55 (UTC)
customer services are your friends on these occasions - if you ever have a problem with your order, please contact them here:

they'll do everything they can to help.
20th Aug, 2007 15:46 (UTC)
Got my free cards a while back from you guys and they do indeed rock! I"m going to have fun showing them off at Dragon*Con.
21st Aug, 2007 00:06 (UTC)
I'm planning on getting more cards, once I get paid, because the ten I have are fantastic quality, and have made me the envy of my friends...

And as much as the idea of stickers initially appeals to me, I just can't figure what to use them for.

Let me know when ya'll do bumper stickers! ^___^
21st Aug, 2007 06:31 (UTC)
Your Moo stuff are really superb but the mode of sending them has taken a back seat.

I think now you must seriously consider sending the Moo stuff through some professional courier service rather than the existing Royal Mail.

My order has already been lost on its way to India and though Moo promised me to print them again, i am not sure i am going to receive it this time or not.

At least you can send them through courier for people who are ready to pay for the extra service.
21st Aug, 2007 10:08 (UTC)

we are looking at other shipping options, so thank you for your comments - I will pass them on!
22nd Aug, 2007 22:28 (UTC)
Have you considered selling holders for the cards? Would sure beat cramming my cards into the little box from the free set :o)
23rd Aug, 2007 13:38 (UTC)
We have considered holders, and are, in fact still considering them! It's quite a requested feature. Until we produce our own solution, Splatgirl has some nice holders in her Etsy Shop - sold out at the mo, but I think there will be more soon:
28th Aug, 2007 20:51 (UTC)
Thanks for this link! I'll be checking back, cause those are really awesome!!!

-A satisfied Moo customer.
25th Aug, 2007 03:06 (UTC)
I never got my free moo cards... I made them FOREVER ago... at LEAST 3 months ago *pout*
5th Oct, 2007 16:29 (UTC)
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