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Something for the weekend?

It's Friday! It's sunny! (At the moment). So why not get out in the sunshine this weekend and do something almost healthy? I wrote about the ParaMOOs a while ago, but they really swung into action recently at a FlickrMeet in North Yorkshire.
ParaMOOs? Little MiniCards on parachutes, launched off hills or tall buildings and making their own way in the world. Not sure what the point is? Me neither, but it's cute and it's made for some great photos.

This is one from a lovely set by ~Glen~ aka Wickerman

And this one, by Robin Kelly shows just how far the group walked to start the launch.

See, doesn't that make you want to get out into the country and get some healthy exercise? No? Oh.

Well how about this instead... Susan Collins has submitted an article to JPG magazine, for inclusion in the next issue. All about how to frame your MiniCards she gives step by step instructions, and includes her own photography.

You might need a steady hand for this... See more images in the Flickr set

And if neither of those ideas take your fancy, but you've just received a StickerBook and really don't want to share a sheet, how about spending some time chopping your stickers up, so you can hand them out one at a time?

Josh Russel has worked his way through numerous books so these can be included in the dConstruct swag bags.

Talking of which, if you're going to the conference, in Brighton, put your orders in now so you get everything in time!

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you get up to.


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10th Aug, 2007 18:38 (UTC)
whooooo paramoos! cute idea.
10th Aug, 2007 22:19 (UTC)
Sure it's a fun idea; but not very environmentally friendly.
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