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Sometimes, the hardest thing about making MiniCards, NoteCards or even Stickers, is what on earth you put on them. You get all geared up ready to make some lovely stuff, look at all your photos and think: 'Ummm... Actually you know what? I'm not sure I really want to make MiniCards with a photo of last night's dinner or my cats furballs on.'

To be honest, we had this problem too, so we thought we should do something about it. The solution? MOO ReadyMade!

Packs of MiniCards, NoteCards or Stickers, designed by illustrators or photographers who actually know what they're doing. There's a nice choice, they look great and all you need to do is personalise them. So for MiniCards or NoteCards, add your details to the back, or for Stickers, choose your book colour.

We spent a lot of time picking a mix of illustration you might like, so here's our current crew, and a little bit of detail about them.


Brian Taylor is amazing. I came across him a long time ago when I saw a site about a film he was making, called Rustboy. The visuals were really beautiful, and I've been keeping an eye on other projects he's done ever since. CandyKiller is a collection of illustrations, recently published in book form. Slightly sinister on occasion, brilliantly drawn with a retro feel, the pack is a mix of icons, figures and patterns. Take a look at the CandKiller site to get a better idea.

Lara Cameron

I first came across Lara's work when I spotted some MiniCards she'd made for herself, in the MOO Flickr pool. The beautiful designs were all her own, and I got in touch to see if she fancied being a tester for the NoteCards launch. She did! Everyone liked the results so much, we thought it would be a good idea to team up. The great thing about Lara's work is that it works well all the time. Why is this good? Because you can order a pack of NoteCards, keep them at home and use them for the birthdays you accidentally forgot, thank-you cards, party invitations, hello-how-are-you cards... or anything else you can think of. Lara also has a blog, where you can see the new designs and projects she's working on.


We've been wanting to work with COLOURLovers for ages. Their site is a source of inspiration for designers - visitors can find, rate and review colours in a mass of different variations.

They got in touch with us way back, in fact - it's been so long since we first started chatting that we've launched NoteCards and StickerBooks too! We're pleased we've finally teamed up though, as their different colour bar designs looks smart and stylish on NoteCards, but work really well on MiniCards and Stickers.

Marc Johns

You know we have a partnership with Vox? Well, I spent some time on there before we launched, checking out the cool illustration and photography blogs. I came across Marc's blog on my travels and was immediately charmed. His illustrations are, as he says, 'whimsical' - but more than that, they really make me laugh. Beautifully drawn, slightly understated, they make great NoteCards and really good MiniCards. The only problem being that I have some stuck to my monitor, which means I'm not going to give them to anyone. Not even you.
You can see more about Marc, his exhibitions and work on his main site.

Blanca Gomez

Like Lara Cameron, we came across Blanca Gomez via her photos in the MOO Flickr Pool. Her own MiniCards featured such lovely, considered illustrations, half the MOO crew wanted them for themselves. Creating simple designs, full of character, Blanca's NoteCards are good to keep for those 'I need a card! It's an emergency!' occasions, and they make a lovely MiniCard set or StickerBook as a gift for friends. (Who will then think you're really clever as you 'made it yourself.') You can see more of Blanca's work in her blog

Last Lemon

Last by name but not by nature! Last Lemon are a little powerhouse design-duo, based in England. Ralph and Lisa both studied Economics in some form at University, and I'm not entirely sure what happened, but it turned them into copywriters and illustrators respectively. (Parents be warned - pushing your children into number crunching degrees doesn't mean they'll turn out the way you'd planned). We're happy to've teamed up with them to make a cute range of MiniCards, based on observations of every-day-life, humorous insults, and most importantly... chocolate.

Now... we've also teamed up with the Science Museum to make MiniCards, which are awesome. But. I've spent so long waxing lyrical here I haven't actually done anything else all day. (Unless you count eating the cake our lovely and aptly named team member, Joy, made). So all I have time to say now is, check out the illustrators mentioned above, because their work is really nice - and have a good weekend! (I'm off to help pack more StickerBooks, we have a lot of orders to send.)


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27th Jul, 2007 15:37 (UTC)
The milk carton is adorable. I want one as a pet ^^
27th Jul, 2007 16:04 (UTC)
You should read Un Lun Dun, by China Miéville! ;-)
27th Jul, 2007 15:45 (UTC)
How about some with a wedding theme? We're considering finding a use for these in mine next August.
28th Jul, 2007 15:40 (UTC)
we were thinking the same thing!
30th Jul, 2007 09:56 (UTC)
we've seen some people make lovely wedding stuff with their own images actually...
There's a little discussion about Wedding MOOs here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/moo/discuss/72157600323347935/?search=wedding
27th Jul, 2007 15:52 (UTC)
There is an artist I like very much, can I recommend him?
30th Jul, 2007 09:58 (UTC)
sure, if you know him, get him to send an email to customer services and they'll pass it on to the right people:

If it's not someone you know, but someone you like, send customer services and email with details of his work and how we contact him :)
27th Jul, 2007 16:01 (UTC)
27th Jul, 2007 16:12 (UTC)
You win at the intarwebs for saying "easy peasy" LOL
30th Jul, 2007 09:59 (UTC)
missed off Lemon Squeezy though. I thought I might get told off.
27th Jul, 2007 16:51 (UTC)
That's awesome. I love the idea of the cards & the stickers, but trying to make my own is just too much pressure. For some reason I always like other people's art better than mine... yay for letting us steal!
27th Jul, 2007 17:38 (UTC)
Rock on, Moo. Rock on.
(Deleted comment)
27th Jul, 2007 21:31 (UTC)
Have you tried using a fine point sharpie? Not the smallest point but it's still a hard nib and doesn't run like most sharpies do.
27th Jul, 2007 23:51 (UTC)
I can't find a link to the LAST LEMON people - it looks interesting so can you get a link up, please? Thanks.
28th Jul, 2007 01:36 (UTC)
I believe there is a link. I found them. But anyway, here it is:

28th Jul, 2007 01:38 (UTC)
PS. The cartoons used by MOO I think are Vimrod (property of Last Lemon)

28th Jul, 2007 03:20 (UTC)
Thanks for the link.
1st Aug, 2007 17:07 (UTC)
Not a prob! :) I had to look them up myself because I thought it was awesome!
28th Jul, 2007 09:52 (UTC)
that's awesome

kid robot/tokidoki moocards&stickers would be AMAZING
30th Jul, 2007 10:03 (UTC)
they would be cool... you've seen the MOOfia, I take it?

30th Jul, 2007 10:21 (UTC)
oh yes :) lol
i'm tempted to order some cards & stickers right now, putting tokidoki images on them
are we allowed to do that?
30th Jul, 2007 15:51 (UTC)
probably not... you'd need to read their T&Cs and see what they say about copyright and reproducing their designs
28th Jul, 2007 14:30 (UTC)
They're all so cute! Yehey for MOO! :D
31st Jul, 2007 16:29 (UTC)
Free MiniCards
I dont know where to go with this problem, so I hope its okay I comment here. If this is inappropriate, Id appreciate someone steering me in the right direction.

I took advantage of the 10 free MooCards way back when this first started here on ebay... and I still have no received the order. Which isnt really a HUGE deal, since they WERE free, afterall. But it definately would have been nice to have them!

How would I go about getting this looked into??

1st Aug, 2007 10:20 (UTC)
Customer services
sorry to hear you didn't receive your cards. If you contact customer services on the page linked below, they should be able to check and see what happened.
7th Aug, 2007 21:05 (UTC)
i just wanted to report that i received my MooStickers yesterday (SC, USA, ordered July 27th) and am THRILLED with the quality. The book is hardy and awesome; i can carry it my knock-about purse. The stickers are glossy adn firm and feel a little bit like the kind of vinyl pool toys are made out of. They smell like a pool! Thank you very much for providing this product.

i am showing these to one of the National Sales Directors where i work and am going to convince her that these would make excellent and novel gifts for our clients.
9th Aug, 2007 09:11 (UTC)
hello - that's great news :) We're really pleased you like them!
6th Oct, 2008 00:11 (UTC)
era back
safe away master at bottom thorough byway someone's cup of tea firing-up undervalue a to.
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