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MOO launches Stickers!

Yes! StickerBooks are here. 'StickerBooks?' I hear you ask? (Well, someone might.) Yep - StickerBooks - 90 different, full colour, high quality, glossy Stickers, printed on 15 different sheets, and bound into a pocket-sized book. All for a cool $9.99 / €7.49 / £4.99. And better still? There's FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING in July!

And why have we bound the Stickers into a book? Well, we love stickers - all stickers, not just MOO ones. And we hate it when they get all messed up at the bottom of our bags. You pull a sticker out all happy to see it and oh. It’s all scratched up or peeled off or squashed, and tragedy has struck. So MOO StickerBooks are designed to keep all your stickers in one place, and all neat and tidy.

We really hope you like them. We've had lots of fun - and lots of late nights - making them. Our office tables, walls, laptops, phones, notebooks, bags, DSs and anything else we can think of have been covered in Stickers these last few weeks, while we've been testing them out. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Oh! And don't forget The Party!. It's tonight! And bring your MiniCards, so we can see how cool they are. And stick a sticker on them :)

Look! It's a StickerBook in orange!

Tear out the sheets and share 'em

StickerBooks come in 6 different colours - you can choose the one you want

Stick Stickers on everything!

ok - I'm worn out now. Tea?


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19th Jul, 2007 10:07 (UTC)
God, you guys out-do yourselves. i was expecting just plain old sheets that i would not be able to take with me. These are so much better! You are made of rock and win.
19th Jul, 2007 10:15 (UTC)
YAY! We win teh internetz! :-D
that - moocards - 19th Jul, 2007 10:17 (UTC) - Expand
19th Jul, 2007 10:08 (UTC)
Good work!
Gonna grab me some of this shit after the weekend!
19th Jul, 2007 10:11 (UTC)
I love stickers, how can I resist? :)
20th Jul, 2007 17:30 (UTC)
who DOESN'T love stickers??? :-D
19th Jul, 2007 10:17 (UTC)
Yeah, that's cool, really (: Expect to receive an order soon an thanks (:
19th Jul, 2007 10:19 (UTC)
What exactly is this "party", I still don't quite understand? ^^;
19th Jul, 2007 10:29 (UTC)
Ah those are so neat!! Can't wait til I've got money in August to order some of these, and more Moo mini-cards too! Great stuff :) My nephews will love these.
19th Jul, 2007 10:34 (UTC)
Omg, this is love. + free shipping! I'm getting some!
19th Jul, 2007 10:42 (UTC)
Just ordered me stickers - now go and print them! *camps out in mailbox*
19th Jul, 2007 10:46 (UTC)
Oh my god, Moo has done it again!

Arrgh, you people are going to be leeching all my money! Stop making such insanely awesome products!

*stares at her iPod* It is begging me for Moo Stickers to cover it in smexiness.....NOOOOO!

I can not wait to order these..keep up the great work!
19th Jul, 2007 10:49 (UTC)
I totally luff you people, keep up the amazing work. x3b
19th Jul, 2007 11:18 (UTC)
Oh my god. Seriously. That is the sickest design for stickers I've ever seen and they look so good! You guys are geniuses!
(Deleted comment)
19th Jul, 2007 12:24 (UTC)
...Only if we were all sitting on a rocking horse in a gale. ;-)
19th Jul, 2007 12:35 (UTC)
Stickers ... Pictures of my son on stickers... My mother and mother-in-law will have concurrent heart attacks.
19th Jul, 2007 12:44 (UTC)
Remember... Moo stickers are to be used for good and not evil! ;-)
(no subject) - carbonish - 19th Jul, 2007 14:43 (UTC) - Expand
19th Jul, 2007 12:53 (UTC)
All hail the mighty Moo!! ()()()()()()()<--Claps enthusiastically.
19th Jul, 2007 13:21 (UTC)
You guys are aware you're evil incarnate, right? I order my second batch of 100 moo cards (which arrived this morning and are as shiny and fab as the last batch), and then you announce stickers. I don't need stickers. I have no use for stickers. Yet they are moo stickers, and I will end up buying some in the very near future because I am weak and swayed by the shiny sticky, and you are all evil, dammit
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