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Woo! It's the new MOO...

Those of you familiar with MOO will have noticed some pretty major changes to our site over the past day or so. Yes, we've redesigned the site!

As we've been hinting at for the past few months, we've been preparing some changes to the site, and this is the first of a series of upgrades we will be making over the next couple of months. Let's look at what's changed and why...

So what's new? A new homepage for one thing! Hopefully you'll agree that it provides a fresh and clean outlook on the various MOO products, as well presenting useful and relevant information into new ways you can use your Business Cards, MiniCards and more! There's links to our blog, reminders about your unfinished saved projects, and a link into our exciting new Inspiration Gallery.

In addition, we have rebuilt new pages for each of our products and accessories which have beautiful new photography to really showcase what they can bring to you.

Then, we have the Inspiration Gallery and Expert Tips section. The inspiration gallery provides you with examples of the unique and creative ways other people use MOO products, to hopefully inspire YOU to come up with innovative ways of doing the same! You'll notice as you browse this section some old favorites of ours, as well as some stylish new case studies and examples for you to take away.

The Expert Tips section is designed to provide those of you with small businesses or considering branching out on your own, valuable insight, case studies and best practice tips from experts in their fields. This section will gradually fill out as time goes by, but you'll already see great and insightful pieces from (among others) Jason Fried and the founder of Enterprise Nation; Emma Jones. We're always looking for new insights and tips to help, so if you'd like to share an article with MOO, do get in touch and let us know.

Next we created an entire new section on MOO as a company and what (we think) makes our Products great, with individual pages taking an in-depth look at our paper stocks, our packaging, The MOO Promise and our history. You can also learn about our backers, our culture, what it's like to work for us, and even check out open vacancies. Check it out and learn about what makes us tick.

Finally, if you still can't find what you are looking for, we have a new FAQs section, which contains all the answers to the most frequent questions of the past few years. Here you'll find shipping times, downloadable artwork templates, and all manner of specific information about making, buying and receiving your MOO products.

So why all the changes? Well, since we last overhauled the site, the internet has changed, what you expect from us has changed, and MOO has subtly changed too. Therefore, to allow you to be able to use our site in a quick, efficient and enjoyable way, we knew an update was necessary. With this update, you'll see better product shots,, more information that will help you make the right decisions, relevant content based on your interests, and an overall more modern, less cluttered experience.

Behind all of these changes though, our aim is the same - to provide beautifully designed and printed products, backed up by incredible customer service. These things will never change. What we want is for your online experience with us to match the experience you have with our physical products. We hope that with this redesign, you'll agree that it does.

Below is a short screencast that will explain where each new section now lives on the site. Those of you who are very familiar with the site may feel a bit lost today, and hopefully this'll help clear the fog from your eyes!


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