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Stuck in a (business card) design rut?

We received such a positive response from our MOO Ideas Book, that we launched The Business Card Project to help inspire small businesses with a business card design inspiration gallery of their own. Since we launched the project back in June, we've tackled hundreds of redesigns spanning a range of industries from healthcare to consulting and entertainment to retail. No matter what industry you're in, there's really no excuse for boring business cards. And as they say, 'the proof is in the pudding', so here we go!

Mobile Libations, a cocktail catering company in San Francisco, benefited from a $500-share of our $250,000 design investment. We took their wonderful collection of cocktail shots and turned their black & white one-sided cards into colorful, sleek business cards.

Def Domain, an internet domain registrar, applied for a business card redesign because they were tired of their mismatched, template-based cards. Using their logo in abstract and interesting ways, our designers created a cohesive, overall look. They wanted the back of their cards to be unique, and less like the standard computer/technology card. Their cards are bold, modern and help to show off the creative side of their company.

Covington Cleaners is a friendly, family owned dry-cleaning shop located in Louisiana. Describing themselves as 'a small company with a big heart' it was important to bring that character to life with a bright, fresh and friendly design on their business cards. Using a bright color palette and simple illustrations, our designers created a clean and modern look for their cards.

TAGG Inc., based in Georgia, is a business development consulting company with a specialty in biotech and healthcare. They wanted to showcase their new ‘interweaving’ logo design, which speaks directly to what their business does–connecting people. Using their company colors, and updating their 2D ‘interwoven’ logo to a visually interesting 3D design, our designers created professional and innovative business cards.

Wanna Jam DJ Productions, based in upstate NY, specializes in teen entertainment. Their old business cards were outdated and simple and did not reflect the high energy and modern style that their company reflects in their work. They asked our designers for cards to distinguish themselves from the competition, who tend to be professional, but not relatable to the teen market.

Inspired yet? Take a peek at these makeovers (and others!) in the Gallery – and remember to vote for your favorites! Having second thoughts about your business cards? We still have plenty of FREE redesigns to giveaway, so what are you waiting for? Enter here to win.

We hope The Business Card Project Gallery is useful for design inspiration and ideas. Do you have your own business card design ideas? We'd love to hear about them, so feel free to share your tips in the comments below.


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