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Moo goes to HackDay

The Moo team are slowly recovering from 'Hackday London', sponsored by the BBC and Yahoo! Over 400 developers got together for a two day event at Alexandra Palace, featuring speakers, music, bacon sandwiches, and most importantly, lots of coding - just for fun.

We saw some great things being made and worked pretty hard ourselves. We also spoke to some lovely people, and handed out a lot of 'Yay!' stickers. No one got much sleep, but as you can see, we took our time there very seriously indeed.

Denise and Dan, each sporting a yay. (Taken by deusx)

Nicky and Richard (Taken by Dan)

We also spied a cool little desktop app someone has written for MOO. Hopefully it'll be finished off soon and we can give you a few more details. If anyone is doing any MOO related things, do let us know, it's great to see what you're up to.

While we were in London Richard M (our CEO) was in San Francisco, chatting to Dan Fost, at the SF Chronicle. The resulting article went online on Saturday, so take a look and see what was said.

As ever, people taking beautiful shots for their MiniCards, these are two we've spotted recently...
Crafty cards by Ei! Kumpel

A beautiful 'wedding MOO', by Elisheva Chana


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18th Jun, 2007 12:15 (UTC)

Oh man.
18th Jun, 2007 21:52 (UTC)
i want a sticker! haha
18th Jun, 2007 13:18 (UTC)
i can't say i've ever done coding for fun but i want yay! stickers!
18th Jun, 2007 14:08 (UTC)
Did you notice I also mentioned food? We'll do anything for free food :D
(no subject) - sweetkisses0530 - 18th Jun, 2007 14:27 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - mooingtricycle - 21st Jun, 2007 19:12 (UTC) - Expand
18th Jun, 2007 13:22 (UTC)
18th Jun, 2007 13:46 (UTC)
I got my own moo cards last week from you guys. I had fun exchanging them with fellow LJers in London this weekend. These cards look awesome.
18th Jun, 2007 14:09 (UTC)
I plan on ordering wedding things from MOO!!! I can't wait!
18th Jun, 2007 14:28 (UTC)
I think I may order more Moocards for use at my daughter wedding. Fun post.

Waves to Dan B. from wine country in Oregon.
18th Jun, 2007 15:29 (UTC)
I got my moo cards the other day and I LOVE THEM. I can't part with a single one, which definitely defeats the purpose lol. I'm so ordering a 100 of them.
18th Jun, 2007 19:54 (UTC)
I've just done the same - but can't see myself parting with any of them either!!
18th Jun, 2007 15:36 (UTC)
Bacon sandwiches!!

I love the BBC. They gave me free beer once and I was very happy.

I want a yay! sticker to slap on my guitar!!

18th Jun, 2007 15:41 (UTC)
Just a small note.

I received my free 10 pack today and I must tell you they are remarkable. This is a wonderful product, and Ill be most definately be ordering a set of 100.

Seeing these in my mailbox today really made my day.
18th Jun, 2007 17:15 (UTC)
<3ed my free pack, have been giving them to friends and coworkers.

Also, shoutout for the Threadless T. :D
18th Jun, 2007 17:29 (UTC)
Sounds like you guys had fun!

Have yet to receive my 10 pack. Can't wait for um. ^^
18th Jun, 2007 20:11 (UTC)
:) I still haven't gotten my free pack either. Hehe i was starting to feel like the only one who hadn't
(no subject) - netbug009 - 18th Jun, 2007 22:06 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - the_wondering_1 - 18th Jun, 2007 22:36 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - specialc - 18th Jun, 2007 23:09 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - the_wondering_1 - 18th Jun, 2007 23:12 (UTC) - Expand
18th Jun, 2007 19:50 (UTC)
got my free pack, and I was super excited! I will definitely get some moo cards when I launch my photography site. . .you guys rule.
18th Jun, 2007 21:32 (UTC)
Just got my MooCards!! I LOVES THEM!! Been handing them out to family (Pic of my daughter when she was born, giving a "WTH!?" look)
Its great that I even gave her her own LJ and keep family updated on her.
18th Jun, 2007 21:51 (UTC)
i STILL have not receieved my moocards :(
18th Jun, 2007 22:11 (UTC)
i got mine i got mine!
all the way here in Grenada west indies in the caribbean
two days after shippment
i'd by a 100 pack just for the free shipping this month if only it didn't cost 53 bucks in our currencey Y_Y
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