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Introducing: The Business Card Project

If you've been following this blog for a while or met any of us in person, you probably know we're passionate about design. That's why we take great care and effort designing products, packaging and even our website to ensure anyone can easily create beautiful, well-designed cards. We know you know the difference a well-designed card can make and how it can be the difference between getting remembered or getting tossed in the rubbish bin. You only need to scroll through the MOO Flickr pool for proof of the amazing cards MOOsters have created!

Sadly, we're still being handed limp, torn, dog-eared business cards. We think these cards send a signal that this business or person doesn't care, but we're certain they do. That's why, we decided to help out. We want these companies to make the impression fitting of their business.

Introducing our new initiative called 'The Business Card Project. 

You may be wondering, “What exactly is The Business Card Project?” Well, think of it as Extreme Makeover: Business Card Edition. We've decided to giveaway over $250,000 worth of our own professional design advice (a personalized consultation, complete redesign and a set of final cards to boot) to 500 small businesses - that's over $500 each! And while we’re sure your cards are great (being a MOOster and all!), you probably know someone who could use a little help.

If you know of one of these businesses/people who have a great business but rather boring and unrepresentative cards, why not suggest they apply to get their cards redesigned by MOO? If we’re sure we can fix them, we’ll get in touch and redesign their cards for free. What could be better than that? Our team of designers is standing by with the time and the skill to redesign their business cards.

If they're not sure? Get them to check out this redesign for KITE, a firm of Architects based in Providence, RI.

Before & After Business Cards

KITE was tired of their one-sided, white business cards, and needed a way to showcase the wide range of projects they’ve completed. Using MOO’s Printfinity technology, our design team chose a selection of 5 different photos for the front of the cards, and a striking red back with clear and crisp white text. The KITE team can now show potential clients exactly what it is they do. There's more 'before & after' in the Gallery.

We'd also like to see any redesigns that you've done for yourself or if you are a designer - your clients. Please share them via our Flickr pool, Facebook page or just as a link in the comments. Step by step, we'll rid the world of lack-luster cards.


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30th Jun, 2010 12:34 (UTC)
Does the company need to be a US or UK company to qualify?
30th Jun, 2010 14:00 (UTC)
Hi, this is actually run from our US office, so it's more USA focussed than UK. Having said that, if you fancied entering, they wont mind :)
30th Jun, 2010 14:03 (UTC)
Well, I have a Trinidadian company in mind. I'll encourage them to submit!
30th Jun, 2010 18:17 (UTC)
I keep trying to send my application and I keep getting told "failed to send your message, please try later or contact administrator by other way." *snif!*
1st Jul, 2010 08:51 (UTC)
So sorry you've had these problems! It should all be fixed now - if you can face it, would you like to try again?
1st Jul, 2010 15:11 (UTC)
I tried again and it went through. Yay! I just hope your judges survive the experience. :)
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