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A marriage of ideas

With wedding planning comes gift lists, guest lists and 'to do' lists. Getting the details right is probably a list in itself, but we're here to help! We've put together our own list of simple but (very) sweet ways MOO customers have used our products. They've added unique, personal touches to big-up the big day. There's also marketing ideas for the consummate wedding professional; the photographer.

Before the big day

Personalised save-the-date cards and invitations play an important role in setting the tone for the big day ahead. They also make great keepsakes.

Traditional with a twist, Elisabeth's stylish set comprises conventional Greeting Cards and envelopes with a smaller MiniCard enclosed inside.

If you've set a date and are ready to send the invitations, Postcards offer a nice alternative to a traditional Greeting Card. Personalise them with photos on the front and a hand-written note on the back like photographer, Tomasz's professional pack. Add a finishing touch with a silver or gold envelope.

The big day

Wedding favours, place settings, ice-breakers and something for the kids; when it comes to the big day, sort out the small things and the big stuff will take care of itself.

If simplicity and style are key, why not attach a smart, bespoke set of MiniCards onto handmade boxes full of goodies, like Joyce and Chris.

If you want to do someone else a favour, why not forsake traditional wedding tokens and donate money to a good cause instead, like Jasmine and Nick.

It's undeniably big, but it's also a long day. Make sure the kids don't get bored by giving them something to play with, like this cute, and colourful, toy-inspired collection of Stickers by Mike and Sarah.

While the kids get stuck in, challenge guests with a quiz on the happy couple, like Sarah and Nick's well-researched pack of 50 questions printed on Business Cards.

Most importantly, don't miss out on some super shots of the day. Sarah and Adam set up a Snapfish account and then designed some smart Business Cards with login details of the account on the back to encourage guests to share photos after the event.

Talking of which...

After the big day

Once the wedding's over, the 'to do' list may be smaller but there's still stuff to be ticked-off - thank you notes send out, photos to be shared - and pictures to be framed.

Lucky enough to have a photobooth at her wedding, Danielle crafted together a patchwork of black and white and sepia shots taken in the booth throughout the day and arranged them on Postcards - an appropriately alternative and fun format for Thank you cards, where everyone's included.

Create portable mini albums for your guests by featuring your photos on packs of 100 MiniCards and slotting a selection of cards into individual cardholders for each guest, like David's stylish approach.

With space for 20 MiniCards, MOO Mosaic Frames are ideal for showcasing your snaps. Rose, Gary and Jon all have the right idea - treat yourself or give them as belated wedding gifts or thank yous.

A professional affair

When it comes to making memories, the role of the wedding photographer is key. But after the shoot's over, how can the professional make sure their images and smooth service get remembered?

Check with you clients first, but if they're ok with it, why not hand out a representative sample of cards at the wedding or arrange them on a table for guests to pick up, inviting them to view your photos online after the event.

Mike Kelly's complimentary set of beautifully-crafted Business Cards also ensure effective marketing for his wedding, portrait and commercial photography business.

Fellow wedding photographer, Rima Darwash, offers more masterful marketing tips on the blog.

'To do' lists sorted.

That's pretty much job done. Congratulations!

P.S: There are even more ideas on our Wedding ideas page.


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