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As many of you have already guessed, yes, we were kidding when we said we were launching new, limited edition 'Back to Front' Business Cards. If you would like such a card, feel free to flip your regular Double Sided Business Cards over and hand them out with your details presented face up, picture on the back. Magic!

Thanks for all the responses to our little April Fools' Joke. We had a lot of fun making it.

One thing we weren't joking about was the discount. We really have got 10% off ALL MOO Business Cards - the 'Classic' matte laminated card, and the new Green stock.

Simply place your order before Midnight (PDT) 5th April, and enter this code at the checkout:

Uploading images to both sides of your cards

As you probably know by now, you can upload images to both sides of a Business Card, or a Minicard. This means you can keep them within your own style guidelines, using your own fonts and colours. In honour of this, we thought we'd share a few nice examples, to help kick start your creativity.

We love these Business Cards by Ty Foster - the backs are simple but stylish, and the fronts? Adorable!

These MiniCards by Brunky are really well thought out. The caricatures on one side help you to remember who handed you the card, and the clean clear design on the reverse gets straight to the point. Cute, functional and very 'keepable'.

And finally, very smart looking Business Cards by web developer, Bradlay Law. He's kept the fronts simple but interesting, with a repeat design in different colours, and used a full upload for his information on the back.

Remember. the 10% discount runs out at Midnight (PDT) 5th April!


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1st Apr, 2010 23:13 (UTC)
That was mean. :( I got all excited over that too.
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