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Green with envy

As you might've spotted, we love colour at MOO, and today our favourite colour is GREEN - but not in the way you might think. Since we launched our Green Business Cards over nine months ago I've continued investigating, testing and generally sticking my nose into the world of super eco friendly papers.

While we've loved the paper we launched with, new papers are being developed all the time. My goal is always to keep one step ahead - with what I think are best possible papers available. Where recycled paper is concerned, it should not only should it make your work look amazing, but it should be so eco friendly it would make Mother Nature herself break into a smile.

So I'm pleased to announce that on the 22nd March we will be replacing our current green stock with our new 'super eco friendly paper'. At 352gsm / 15.5pt this new, smooth white, non-laminated stock is one of the heaviest eco stocks guaranteed for our unique Printfinity presses.

The treatment applied to the stock allows you to print crisp photography or illustration with a fantastic tonal range and vivid colours. We've never thought that recycled stock should equal a compromise in quality, and I'm excited to say that with this paper, the difference between the Eco stock and the MOO Classic really is just the finish.

Made from 100% Post Consumer Waste and FSC certified, the eco credentials for this are even more amazing than our previous paper. It's produced in North America and made with electricity generated by renewable, non polluting wind power from Green-e. (Green-e is the nation's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy products, they ensure strict environmental and consumer protection standards.) Process chlorine and acid free, the paper has been manufactured in compliance with the standards set for alkaline papers by the American National Standards Institute.

In short, it's as green as we can get it, without picking it straight off the tree.

The New MOO Green Business Cards are slightly more expensive than our previous stock, but for the rise in quality and credentials, we really think it's worth it.
50 cards - £14.99/$24.99/€17.99
200 cards - £47.99/$79.99/€57.49


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23rd Mar, 2010 18:15 (UTC)
Will the green paper option be coming to Minicards at some point?
25th Mar, 2010 08:32 (UTC)
We are discussing the option of moving it to other products, but there are no immediate plans. (That's no a 'no' though :)
23rd Mar, 2010 19:36 (UTC)
Whoa! I just got my first order of green cards in yesterday, and now there are new ones? Oh, darn. New moo product to try. :3
25th Mar, 2010 08:31 (UTC)
Between you and I, you did it at a good time. They should actually be printed on the new paper.
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