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MOO makes the front cover

David Bowie and Davina McCall, Venus Williams and Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Strawberry Shortcake and… the Stig, the star-studded selection of Business Cards recently produced by the British Society of Magazine Editors (BSME) had us well and truly wowed.

Taking full advantage of our option to upload a different image on every card, the BSME ingeniously created a unique 'pocket portfolio' showcasing their comprehensive range of publications in a single set of Business Cards. Using a different magazine cover on each card effectively illustrates the diversity and quality of the society's periodicals in a high-impact way. The BSME logo and standardised contact details on the reverse unify the pack – gathering the different magazines together under the one umbrella.

Stylist magazine editor and BSME committee member, Lisa Smosarski, talked to us about the strategy behind the cards…

"...Our chair, Juliet Warkentin, came up with the idea after being introduced to MOO cards and brought them to the rest of the BSME committee. She had the great idea to turn them into mini covers and we all agreed they'd work fantastically. The committee haven't used business cards before and we knew MOO were the perfect company to work with as they were the physical manifestation of our society - innovative, creative and useful."

Glossy, vibrant and iconic, it was also important that the business cards reflected the equally high standards of finish associated with the society's range of publications. Admittedly "delighted" with the final results, the next step is to showcase the society's inaugural set of business cards at future business gatherings:

"The committee meet with members at various networking and speaker events... there are hundreds of members, so it's a great way to ensure everyone can keep in touch. And it's a business card no one wants to lose!"

With eight years' experience as a magazine editor, Lisa's background as a journalist stems from an inherent curiosity and questioning nature:

"I love to know how things work, who's said what, what people are planning... just detail, detail, detail! My job allows me to answer this curiosity on a daily basis."

Ever the professional, one of Lisa's next questions is - how can MOO help showcase the work of her own publication?

"As a weekly magazine, we have so many front covers to choose from, it would be great to create a set of business cards using all of our own covers too."

Having recently worked alongside Vivienne Westwood, Giles Deacon and Manolo Blahnik designing covers for London Fashion Week, Lisa's undoubtedly got more than enough material to work with.

Thanks for talking to us, Lisa – we can't wait to check out Stylist magazine's very own set of made-to-measure MOO cards!


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