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There’s no denying the impact that an image can have in gaining attention and promoting a brand. With this in mind, lots of you use our Business and MiniCards to showcase your work – featuring visual examples of your creative products (designs, photographs and illustrations.)

Words, however, have just as much impact, particularly when combined with a considered use of colour and font. Many of our clients - particularly those in the industry of offering a service rather than a creative product – use a range of simple tools or source external content to produce text-based Business Cards and MiniCards that are uber cool and creative, not to mention unique and eye-catching.

In a month when digital networking events are top of the agenda, we’ve put together some examples of ways you can stand out from the crowd and get creative with your cards by just using graphics, if you don’t have your own portfolio of content or pool of images to work with.

Text x2

Did you know, you can have text on BOTH sides of your Business or MiniCards using our Textomatic tool? This means you can use one side for the basics – name, contact details, url – and the other for something a little more visually striking – your tagline or your company name in a more 'logo-like' style, perhaps.

Jason VanLue got together with designer Matt Wahl to creates these cards, each with a phrase or saying designed to be used as a conversation starter.

5|7 Moo Cards


Simple can often be the most stunning, as demonstrated by graphic designer, Beth Chapleau, so don’t be afraid to sit back and let your logo speak for itself! Beth took a real plunge and eliminated all the usual contact 'clutter', opting instead for just her url. It houses her portfolio and contact details, and encourages new contacts to really engage with her work.

Others, like Munchausen Collective create a talking point by using their logo in a wide variety of colours.


If you’ve got a lot to say, take advantage of Textomatic, and type something different on every card. Use a range of different quote or phrases like this sleek set of Business Cards produced by trakAx. It can act as an effective “meet and greet” conversation starter and also means you can offer your clients a card with the phrase or quote that most applies to them.

Another eye-catching tool to use if text is your thing, Wordle helps produce “word clouds” based on content provided by you – so the most important keywords associated with your business are highlighted among a sea of other relevant text. Put these on one side of your Business Cards or MiniCards and clients can quickly, effectively and, we think, rather strikingly see what your business is all about. Make each cloud your own by personalising the colour, typography and layout, like these, by Noveltea.

MOO & Wordle Business Cards

And while we’re on the subject…


Whether it’s a bold backdrop to your logo or a special effect applied to text, colour - or the lack of it - can make a real statement on Business Cards. Use a different colour on the back of each card, like photographer Nicole Young, for a bold and beautiful result, or stick to two or three key shades associated with your brand.

For a smart, professional feel with a twist, apply a dash of single colour to a black and white background, or say it with a spectrum-filled splash by turning your text into a rainbow full of colour, like the stunning set produced by Theis Dahl.


Choosing the right font for your cards can also go a long way in attracting attention and conveying a powerful image - so consider flirting with something a little different if you feel it’s the right fit for you and your business.

Playing around with the position of your text on the card can result in something truly remarkable. We really like the way David Boni covered the whole of one side of a set of cards with unbroken text, featuring his name as a repeat pattern. Line them up and the cards tessellate to create a striking wallpaper effect.

And finally…


Don’t forget there are loads of templates on MOO for you to adapt to suit your own needs. Choose from a range of different themes, designs, layouts, colours and fonts and then add your own bespoke text to produce a set of cards unique to you and your business.

Now for something completely different…

It’s a snip

If you’ve got a steady hand, why not subtly alter the shape of your cards with a carefully placed cut? Take off a corner or a section from each side of your cards to rustle up a truly personalised pack, like this inspired set of cards by Simurai.

Pics or no pics, there’s no excuse not to wow everyone you meet over the conference season with cutting-edge cards that do you and your business justice! So get creative and remember to come and show us what you’ve produced. We’ll be at SXSW Interactive (March 12th-16th) and MIX10 (March 15th-17th).

Thanks to everyone whose cards we’ve featured here!

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