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It's been a while since we had general MOO news update! Not for want of trying - but these last few months have been really busy for us. The frantic rush for the Holiday Season as all hands were needed for packing and posting, and the beginning of a while new year. Planning what's to come and just how on earth we're going to do it.

Those of you who follow us on Twitter will know we've been looking to hire new people. This is exciting for us (we love meeting people) but also a little sad. Sometimes you hire new people because new opportunities arise - other times because members of the team move on to something new.

Last Friday we said good bye to a very valued member of our team, Pete. With us for two years or so, Pete was much loved, not just for his marketing skills, but for being the self-proclaimed 'second strongest man in the office'. If you couldn't get your first choice, then Pete was always your man to lug things from here to there, usually with a smile on his face. (Especially if there was some kind of chocolate-based reward.)

He's moving on for two reasons - to spend more time with his family (we've seen his family, we see what he means) and also to start an exciting new business of his own. What can we tell you - not too much yet, but it sounds like a lot of fun. We wish him every success, of course - but mostly, we're mentioning all this as a good excuse to post this picture - Pete, in his everyday office attire. We'll miss you!

We've also been testing out a few new ideas. When we can, we like to open up the office and get some of our friends and customers in to tell us what they think about certain things. We did it last year for the new MiniCards box and last week for a little 'thing' we might roll out later this year. It's interesting seeing people's reaction to the office. Like any company we're all pretty busy at computers for most of the day, sometimes it can be really quiet, other times far too noisy. (I'm looking at you, Dev-team table-footie players!)

We absolutely loved this response to last weeks visit though. It's the sweetest response we've ever had! If you're London-based (or able to travel here easily), and fancy coming in, do keep an eye on the Twitter feed, as that's where we tend to ask for your help.

And finally, what is a post without inspiration from you? Here's some lovely stuff we've spotted in the flickr pool recently:

Fantastic bookmarks, designed to highlight points of interest in design books, by Matt Gwynne

Wonderful MiniCards, by illustrator and animator Lesley Barnes

Is it jewellery or self promotion? A great little ring made by Quercus Silver, with a badge and a MiniCard.

Super-cute MiniCards as gift-tags, by bego diaz, mark a special date with style.


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31st Jan, 2010 20:40 (UTC)
Hello and thanks for the update:) Off topic, I was wondering: is there any kind of moo-related ethics? Particularly, when you've got a box of mini-cards, and they all have different images on the back, is it better to offer your new acquaintance a choice or just give the first one out? :) I know this is random, sorry, but it's been bugging my curiosity what people do.
1st Feb, 2010 10:25 (UTC)

that's a good question! Often if each card has a different image, it's nice to give people a choice. It's especially good for people (like me) who get embarrassed 'networking' and feel like they need help finding things to talk about. If you offer people a choice, that's at least one bit of the conversation taken care of.

Some people like handing out a specific card though - maybe you're a photographer who does weddings *and* other events - if you're talking to someone about wedding photography, you can pick out the card that's most appropriate.

I think different people do different things... so, not sure if that helped or not!

1st Feb, 2010 13:31 (UTC)
Thanks, that does help:) I usually offer a choice, but lately I've been wondering whether it's a bit show-offy (like, look at my nifty cards). On the other hand, you're right, they're a great conversation starter!
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