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Crumbs, doilies, MiniCards, cakes

Michael Jackson cupcakes. Arsenal cupcakes. Twitter cupcakes. Skull and crossbones cupcakes. Cupcakes with glitter and sprinkles and handmade ricepaper flowers. So many cupcakes!

Crumbs and Doilies make delightful iced cupcakes and they like to use MOO cards to spread the word. We caught up with them to find out how MiniCards and cupcakes are made for each other...

What made you decide to try MOO MiniCards?
We thought it seemed like a really fun idea! With the low minimum order we figured it was worth having some made up, just to see what they were like. Our cupcakes are very visual and part of their appeal is the uniqueness of each order - so having a way of printing lots of different designs in one print run was a very attractive prospect for us.

How do you use MOO cards to promote your cupcakes?
It's still quite early days as we only took receipt of our first delivery quite recently, but we're looking at including a few cards with each private order - like a fun and collectable freebie for people to keep and show their friends.

What do you consider to be the advantages of a MiniCard over a traditional sized business card?
They're smaller! It's a fun way of showing off some of our imagery in a unique and eye-catching way. There's also something about the colourful variety in miniature form that seemed to fit well with our mini-cupcakes.

You can now upload your own images for the front and back of the MiniCards - we see you've taken advantage of this in your designs...
Yes, we designed the 'back' image based on our company logo and 'sprinkles' design. We liked the fact we could use our full branding - the templates are great - but this works much better for us, as a small business. The cards are really cute, and likely to be kept, so featuring our branding loud and clear means the next time people want cupcakes, our details are there, used as a bookmark or pinned to the fridge.

Any plans to use MOO cards in other ways to promote your business?
We're thinking of punching a hole in a MiniCard and using it to secure a ribbon round a box of cupcakes. We've seen this a few times on Flickr, and it seems to work really well.

We've been really impressed with the quality and finish of the MOO printing, so we're definitely considering using more of MOO's custom products for special occasions. Christmas has only just finished but we're already planning for Valentine's Day!

Thanks for talking to us, Crumbs and Doilies!
If you're a cupcake fan, check out their Flickr stream too.


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7th Jan, 2010 13:46 (UTC)
yay - two of my favourite things in the same post - Moo and Cupcakes & Doilies - they made my wife's Valentine's day last year!
7th Jan, 2010 17:13 (UTC)
no way! That's so nice! What were they like?
7th Jan, 2010 20:48 (UTC)
Delicious! And like this:

8th Jan, 2010 07:54 (UTC)
Aww! You lovely husband!
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