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Happy Holidays from MOO!

Well, it's Christmas at last, and from the sound of you all on Twitter your cards are sent, and your presents wrapped. It's been great hearing all your cries of delight recently, as your poor postmen and women have struggled with packages through the snowy weather!

Hope those of you who have time off over the festive season get everything you wish for, and those who are working have more fun than you might be expecting. We've published the dates we're working over the holidays, so if you find yourself in the office, you might well have company here in the UK, or over with the MOO Crew in the US.

We've had a great few weeks spotting unique gifts and ideas created with MOO, here's a few of our favourites:

A tetrabox advent calendar, by Bcome

Also by Bcome, this lovely looking memory game, complete with a great pattern on the back:

This super-cute Mosaic Frame, created by thisiswoly. Filled with 20 Minicards, it features the beautiful baby Sarah.

These wonderful looking alphabet game cards, by taraghb, which look like they were as fun to make as they will be to use!

And last but not least, look at this! another entry into our MiniCard Gift Box competition! Created by emusing-emma, it's really bought an extra flutter of Christmas cheer into MOO Towers. We love his little sledge!

Fancy joining in the fun? Closing date for entries to our competition is midnight PST 28th December 2009. Why not grab some festive paper, and see what you can do! More competition details can be found right here.

And now all that remains for me to say is a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at MOO!


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16th Jan, 2010 17:29 (UTC)
Busy time of the year!
Bey Christmas was hectic for you guys at MOO it was at X Nitro RC over the Christmas period but the postman/women had the hardest job with all the ice and snow.
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