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Mini boxes, maximum creativity

We're a little worried by our latest MiniCard box-decorating competition. It seems to've captured the attention of the MOO Crew just a bit too much. The UK team spent a happy lunch hour crafting their boxes - see Simon and China, below:

And not to be outdone, I arrived this morning to an entry from Dave, one of our US MOO Crew!

Don't worry, we might have a little prize for best box made by one of the MOO team, but the real prizes will still go to someone from our broader community.

It's great to see everyone taking a break from their computers for a while though, and giving their heads a chance to think in a different way. Perhaps we should start a MOO craft hour at lunchtimes (to go with the poker lessons held by the ever patient - but suspiciously good - Gordon)?

Our first entry from the community can also be seen over on Flickr. A rather elegant creation by Bcome, this MiniCard box is decorated with a traditionally styled Japanese knot.

Bcome is an architect and designer, describing herself as 'A German designer gone Japan':

It's a great first entry (we've already mentally deconstructed it - and are wondering if we could re-construct it ourselves) - and we're looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. So give yourself a break, grab yourself a spare five minutes, and think in a different way for a while.

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