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You've been asking for improvements on our first ever product and we’re excited to say they're finally here. MOO MiniCards now offer even more creative possibilities - and some of your most requested features.

There’s now the option to choose from a bigger range of fonts, colours and templates to personalise the ‘details side’ of your cards. We’ve also added the option to upload your own logo, or choose an icon from our brand new selection.

Want to upload an entire image for the details side of the card? No problem. Just like our larger Business Cards, you can now upload a full JPEG or PDF.

At the end of the process check your cards (text and images) on a brand new preview page – another chance to check your spellink spelling, and make sure you’re happy with your images.

And, last, but not least, all that goodness is packed into a very smart new MiniCard presentation case! Designed in-house by Paul, our product designer, it’s sturdy but recyclable card.

Enough already? Go take a look at the New and improved MiniCards for yourselves!


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19th Oct, 2009 16:04 (UTC)
They look fab! I can't wait to order some more cards and try these new features!
19th Oct, 2009 16:19 (UTC)
Much appreciated!

I particularly like the "mine" and "theirs" tabs.
20th Oct, 2009 06:40 (UTC)
well spotted - and thank you.
19th Oct, 2009 17:08 (UTC)
AShh this is brilliant! I'm so going to be using Moo for my business cards when I have my final exhibition this year!
19th Oct, 2009 17:08 (UTC)
Obviously I am going to have to work harder to give away the ones I ordered a few months ago so I can get more. :)
19th Oct, 2009 18:17 (UTC)

One feature I'd like to see would be the option of selecting how many of each card to print in the MiniCard selection page. Or, at least, of rearranging their order (and thus which designs get one extra card printed).
20th Oct, 2009 06:43 (UTC)
thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it on.
It's something we have thought about a lot, but were worried it would massively complicate the process. We are still looking at it, and when we've made it super-easy, we'll let you know :)
(In the meantime, it's not a great 'hack', but you can fix some of it by uploading the same image more than once, but with a different name).
19th Oct, 2009 18:48 (UTC)
awesome updates, but -- not two weeks after i ordered mine! and it took me several months to get to it, too. eh.

i second kineticfactory's suggestion on the number of minicards with each image.
19th Oct, 2009 20:19 (UTC)
Beautiful boxes! And great extra choices.

Although, I must agree with the previous two comments, but extend them to the postcards as well. When making a mixed batch it would be wonderful to be able to dictate how many copies of a particular image there should be (to choose which ones get duplicated to make up the numbers). As it is, it automatically duplicates per the order you uploaded the images, so you either have to take the duplicates you get, or start all over again if you want different images as the duplicated cards. Frustrating.
20th Oct, 2009 01:13 (UTC)
I love you guys. Thank god you finally done this. I nearly converted to regular business cards, and I'm sorry, but they just aren't as cool </3 Hahahaha size matters.
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