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We're still going!

Now we're out of our caffeine-induced frenzy, we've had a chance to work out how we're doing. We can safely announce: We have some free 10 packs left!

So, if you're an LJ-er and have yet to make some cards, head over to www.moo.com/livejournal to see what all the fuss is about, and if you've already made a pack, then tell your friends. We have cards and are eager to share.

We're still reading all your feedback, and we've done everything we can to fix any bugs that have popped up along the way. Please do read our LiveJournal FAQ if you get stuck - we've tried to cover the things we've seen in there, so it should help you.

In other news, does anyone remember Oolong, the famous 'Head Performance' rabbit? We spotted these in a Flickr pool, and thought they were too cute not to share...

Bucky, modelling his MiniCards. (By mvo168)

A very cute set of bunny NoteCards.(By Jaimuima)

Bucky again, checking his Notecards are up to scratch.(By mvo168)

Another nice set of Bunny NoteCards...(By YowlYY)

And a fantastic picture of MiniCards (by Jaimuima)


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30th May, 2007 17:30 (UTC)
I still haven't recieved my cards... not too worried yet as the post near me is generally crap but yes... looking forward to them!
30th May, 2007 17:36 (UTC)
(no subject) - endraia - 30th May, 2007 18:03 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - quincidence - 30th May, 2007 18:23 (UTC) - Expand
30th May, 2007 17:30 (UTC)
Hey. I've been trying to order my free 10-pack. I added as friend. But it keeps telling me that I don't have any pictures uploaded. But I do. What's up?
30th May, 2007 17:34 (UTC)
I got that, too. I think it means that you don't have your scrapbook filled.
I did text cards. They came from the U.K. to Bucks County, PA in 2 business days. I adore them. I will definitely be ordering more. Thank you so very much.
(no subject) - groovy_mama_cin - 30th May, 2007 17:42 (UTC) - Expand
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is this working now? - moocards - 31st May, 2007 13:11 (UTC) - Expand
Re: is this working now? - groovy_mama_cin - 31st May, 2007 17:23 (UTC) - Expand
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30th May, 2007 17:31 (UTC)
I tried to get my 10 free cards but you have to live in the states to get them and I live in Canada!!
30th May, 2007 17:32 (UTC)
No you don't, I live in Canada and got mine today.
(no subject) - neonsunflower - 30th May, 2007 17:41 (UTC) - Expand
30th May, 2007 17:35 (UTC)
I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know I got my free 10 pack of cards, and I love them! I have to move soon, so when I do, I'll probably end up ordering some more cards as change of address cards. :D

One thing I've been wondering - Just what font is it that you're using? I really like it.
31st May, 2007 13:12 (UTC)
Re: Thanks!
Hello, you mean the main MOO font? We use the Bryant family of fonts.
Glad you like it - and your cards!
(Deleted comment)
30th May, 2007 17:45 (UTC)
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(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - qfemale - 30th May, 2007 19:31 (UTC) - Expand
you don't have to make your cards via LiveJournal - (Anonymous) - 30th May, 2007 19:18 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - littlebluedog - 5th Jun, 2007 00:04 (UTC) - Expand
30th May, 2007 17:38 (UTC)
The bunny is tooooo cute.
30th May, 2007 17:41 (UTC)
Cant wait to get my cards ^_^
30th May, 2007 17:42 (UTC)
Can we track our order somehow ^_^ ?
31st May, 2007 13:15 (UTC)
there is some level of order tracking via your account. You can see if it's printing or has been dispatched.

We are looking into postal tracking of your order, but this is not something we do at the moment. It's been requested a lot though, so it's on our (big) To Do list.
30th May, 2007 17:43 (UTC)
Unfortunately, while I think this is a fantastic service, I will not be supporting LiveJournal, its affiliates or advertisers due to the mass suspension of journals who had broken no rules or laws.
30th May, 2007 19:37 (UTC)
you don't have to have LiveJournal on your cards. There is a way to option out of it on the site. My cards don't have LJ on them at all!
(no subject) - wishforhome - 30th May, 2007 19:43 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - momtomaddie - 30th May, 2007 20:02 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - wishforhome - 30th May, 2007 22:35 (UTC) - Expand
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(no subject) - jawastew - 30th May, 2007 23:55 (UTC) - Expand
30th May, 2007 17:44 (UTC)

I got my 10 pack of cards yesterday and the look great!


30th May, 2007 17:51 (UTC)
I'm having the same issue as another poster - photos uploaded but the message says I don't have any. It won't even let me make text cards. Such a shame!
31st May, 2007 13:18 (UTC)
I've just checked your account and everything seems to be in order. It also said you've made your cards now, so hopefully that means you got through the process ok?
30th May, 2007 17:56 (UTC)
I'll make sure to put my cards on my bunnies when they get here :)
30th May, 2007 17:56 (UTC)
oh my... i'd love to have some of those bunny cards !
30th May, 2007 17:58 (UTC)
seems exciting. unfortunately after several attempts, the server seems to time out... and i have to restart again... and then it times out again.
31st May, 2007 13:32 (UTC)
a workaround
Hello, I know already that if I were you I might roll my eyes at this, as it's not an ideal solution, but I do want you to be able to make your cards.

From the look of your galleries you have a lot of images. MOO has to run to LJ and find every image for you, and it's taking a long time, so you're timing out. We're trying to find a way to deal with other people in this situation, but haven't solved it yet.

What I would suggest is this
• make a new public gallery of the images you would like on your cards.
• temporarily make the other galleries private
• give it 10 mins for LJ to send the message to MOO that the galleries have been updated
• make your cards
• go back and change the settings on the galleries you want to be public.
• keep the image gallery for the cards as it is (public) until you get your printed order.

I know this is a pain, but we are trying to fix it. If you just want to see what the cards are like, you could make Text cards instead, and then do the above for a bigger order, should you wish to make one.

I'm really sorry for the problems you're having.
Re: a workaround - savateuse - 4th Jun, 2007 08:23 (UTC) - Expand
30th May, 2007 17:58 (UTC)
I got my moocards on Tuesday and I <3 them. Thank you for the gift!
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