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What do you get if you cross MiniCards with magnets? Moognets! We’re seeing more and more moognets out there, and one of our favourite moognet-makers is illustrator Luisa Vidal, aka Etsy seller Fashion Fuchsia.

Luisa sells her moognets as beautifully packaged themed sets. Bright yellow suns shine next to redheads in sunglasses. Blue boys and purple girls reach for each other’s hands from their respective MiniCards. Or the customer can go random and choose their own – fancy clashing a pink alien robot with a cat-boy in a brown dog costume?

As well as magnets, Luisa makes MiniCard bookmarks and uses Postcards to showcase her illustrations. We caught up with her to talk illustration, Etsy, moognets and more.

Hi Luisa! We love your work. Where do you get your inspiration?

I’ve always loved drawing – one of my earliest memories is of my Dad teaching me how to draw a cup of tea! And the inspiration for my subject matter comes from my two main hobbies: cinema and fashion. I love film: animation, sci-fi, fantasy, action – everything! I enjoy creating characters that are the protagonists of my own little movie-stories in my head. I like to imagine what life would be like for them: what they’d wear and who they’d be friends with. Then I put that into my drawings.

Do you produce your work by hand, on computer, or a combination of both?

It’s a combination. I draw my ideas on paper and then use the computer to finish or colour it. The initial freehand drawing on paper is very important to me – I appreciate it a lot in my creative process.

How long have you been selling on Etsy? Is it a good place for an illustrator to promote herself?

I’ve been selling on Etsy since March 2009. It’s easy to use and you can communicate with many people around the world. There’s a good community of illustrators on there. Managing an Etsy store does require time and patience, but it’s a lot of fun.

What made you decide to use MOO in your work?

I decided to create my own products because I often go to stores and can’t find what I’m after – little gifts with a special touch. I’ve always enjoyed using magnets to stick photographs, drawings, and notes to the fridge or filing cabinet or whatever. It’s such a sweet, personal thing to do. And I was looking at my MiniCards and realised that their measurements and finish make them perfect for making magnets from. I thought they’d make my designs look fun and colourful in people’s bedrooms, offices or kitchens.

How about the bookmarks?

Yes, I also make bookmarks with MiniCards. I like to think of my designs accompanying people as they go about their day-to-day lives. Reading a book is like starting a long journey with someone – the book becomes an inseparable companion. By day, by night, on the bus, the book’s there. I thought it would be fantastic for someone to have one of my bookmarks on the journey with them.

Is paper quality and print finish important to you?

Oh yes…. I admit I’m a bit of a perfectionist! I love good, thick paper and the finish on MOO products. I make all my things with great care, and I like to collaborate with people who take a similar pride in the things they produce. I’ve found a great place to print my designs in MOO.

Thanks for the interview Luisa!
Find out more about Luisa at www.fashionfucsia.blogspot.com or check out her work in her Etsy store

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