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A date for your diary

We're almost three! Three is a very exciting number, much better than two. It's a magic number, a lucky number and just about the right number of biscuits to go with a good cup of tea.

Much has happened in the last three years - we've added new products, moved offices, got new members of the team and seen our creative customers make everything from jewellery to marketing materials with the things they've printed.

But enough about the past for now, lets talk about the future!

We're having a party and we'd love you to come.

If you're based in London, please keep Tuesday September 22 free. There'll be cake, DJ's, free drinks and food (while stocks last), and the usual MOO fun and freebies, and it's all happening at The Queen of Hoxton from 7pm. All we ask is that you bring a business card (or MiniCard!) with you to hand over at the door. Entry will be on a first come/first served basis, so do make sure you come early.

For those unable to hot-foot it across the globe to join us - worry not. We're planning a month of fun and games (and discounts) online. Corvus, who wrote the fantastic clues for the Egg Hunt last year is hard at work planning something extra special (no egg puns this time please), and we think you're going to love it.


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27th Aug, 2009 15:55 (UTC)

I am now over excited!!
27th Aug, 2009 17:56 (UTC)
Dang, how I wish I were back in London again. :)
27th Aug, 2009 20:23 (UTC)
Just three biscuits with a mug of tea? >:
27th Aug, 2009 20:56 (UTC)
Hooray! Cheers to MOO!

I'd come, but I have a show going up that night. :( Well, that and I'm on a totally different continent.

I do look forward to what you've got planned for those of us not fortunate enough to live in/around London.
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