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A quick roundup of nifty marketing ideas

If there's one thing we like at MOO it's good ideas. And it's been a little while since our last post sharing ideas from our creative community - so we thought now would be a good time for a catchup. So, sit back and take in some of the cool ideas we've spotted recently.

Peta Love is an author, and founder of Biliopet, an indie publisher of gift books for pets. Her most recent tome, Beef Casserole for the Dog's Soul is 'a treasury of stories that your dog will love'.

Sadly, as most of you know, it's the owners - not the dogs - with all the money, so Peta has created these fantastic MiniCard tags as a promotional tool to catch the owner's eye.

Using the simple Text-o-matic tool for the front of the cards, each card has an area to fill in with doggy details on the back, and a little ring to attach the card to a dog's collar. Just like Jack Hooker's Business Cards, Peta rounded the MiniCard corners with a corner cutter.

We love the idea of creating multiple cards for people to personalise - it's a great value-for-money marketing tool, as you can get so many cards from one pack. We mentioned these last Christmas, but the idea still makes us smile:

These are personalised playdate cards, created by photographer Robyn Pollman. Originally designed as a Christmas gift, they work as both a client 'thank you' and a referral card. (And if you're looking for more inspiration for referral cards, we covered some cool ideas here.)

Readers of the MOOsletter might've spotted these super-cute magnets already. (If you'd like to sign up to the our MOO newsletter, there's a sign up box on the homepage!). Made with magnetic tape and MiniCards these feature fashion fucsia's own illustrations, and are for sale on Etsy:

What better way to promote your artwork and get your work into potential clients hands, than creating beautiful (saleable!) products?

These stylish MOO Postcards are also for sale on Etsy, created by artist and designer, Dee Adams.

And this display was created to accompany an exhibition of work by Natasha Newton. Also a MOO Designer, Natasha tells us not only did her exhibition go well, but her postcards 'sold like hotcakes!'.

Are your MOO Cards more than just Business Cards? Let us know what you're up to - we love to hear about innovative uses of our products, and featuring the brains behind them.

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