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Yes, you are right. We're having a sale on all our products this weekend. It's a bit of a secret sale as you only see the savings when you hit the discount section of the shopping cart basket. Don't worry the sale is happening on both our US and UK site and across all products. No exceptions. That means anything you put in to the cart will be discounted by 20% when you hit our checkout page. Be sure to look for the discount amount in step 4. It'll be there.

Just in case you don't have a calculator to figure out what 20% means in advance, here's the savings:

MiniCards are regularly $19.99 and this weekend you will pay only $15.99. Or if you're buying in GBP that's originally £11.99 down to £9.59.

Business Cards are regularly $21.99 are this weekend they're only $17.59 Or if you're paying in GBP that's originally £12.99 down to £10.39

As always, good things must come to an end. The MOO Secret Summer Sale expires at midnight on Sunday August 9th (PST). So, if you hurry you can head out in to this glorious summer sun (it's sunny here in London) with your camera, take some classic summer shots, then make them in to MOO postcards and send to your Mum. That's my plan. The summer sun is calling me. Have a lovely weekend!

PS Remember, the sale's a secret.


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8th Aug, 2009 13:59 (UTC)
sneaky little chaps you are, huh?
8th Aug, 2009 15:38 (UTC)
...you know, I dare say putting news of the secret sale on the homepage makes it rather un-secret-y... ;P
8th Aug, 2009 16:34 (UTC)
Darn, just as I was basking in the glow of my newly arrived MiniCards and holder, too. :)
8th Aug, 2009 18:17 (UTC)
Ahhh. That's too bad.
Hopefully, now that you have a holder, you'll find that before no time you'll be out of cards and ready for a refresh. Keep on eye on this space or the newsletter for specials.

I hope the timing doesn't darken your glow. It looks nice on you :)
8th Aug, 2009 23:21 (UTC)
This is totally unrelated but what happened to gift certs? And when did they disappear?
18th Aug, 2009 15:05 (UTC)
Hello - we took them off when we launched in the US, as they were a little complicated to get working for both stores straight off. They will be coming back though - thank you for noticing their departure!
10th Aug, 2009 02:57 (UTC)
The MOO Secret Summer Sale expires at midnight on Sunday August 9th (PST)

It's 11pm Eastern time zone here at I was just charged full price for the mini cards I just ordered.
18th Aug, 2009 15:04 (UTC)
hello - we're really sorry about that - as you might've spotted on the main moo.com site, we did have a few issues with this. Please do contact www.moo.com/service and they will work on a fix for you.
10th Aug, 2009 05:17 (UTC)
:/ Same deal at midnight Central Time. Is this fixable?
18th Aug, 2009 15:06 (UTC)
sorry to hear you had problems too - as I've just said up there ^^, do contact www.moo.com/service and they should be able to help out.
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