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The MOOvie competition comes to a close

So, our MOOvie competition has come to a close and the judging begins! We've had some great entries, from stop-frame to live action, informative to fun. Many thanks to everyone who entered - either by making a MOOvie, or starring in one!

These are the entries we've received:

Andy Piper kicked things off with his Making a Mosaic Frame tutorial. (For those who don't know, we're making some exciting changes to the frame, which should be in final production in a few months time!) Andy then went on to produce two more MOOvies, MiniCards in Stop Motion and a super speedy look at Ordering MOO Cards in Three Minutes!

Marina created a film about, Life as a Graphic Designer, with help from friends large and small. This resonated well with our own graphics team - although of course, we've never experienced those frustrations here ;o)

Shahab Zargari hunted high and low for a MOO Sticker with a little help from her high pitched (cute!) friend, Mahtab Zargari, while James Alliban wowed everyone with this Augmented Reality Business Card.

John Arnold impressed us all with his neat idea for Decorating a netbook with your own photograph using MOO stickers - we've rarely come across a more patient man!

The three , different songs by Mark Bethune took us a little by surprise, but we danced our way back down to earth with Vincent Lee's catchy little video,MOOving Around The World.

Mo Riza entered twice, once with this great MOO Cards in NYC underground clip, taking photographic MiniCards back to their original location, and once with a very relaxing MiniCards on the beach video.

Nine year old Anna Dale made this wonderful Moo Shoo stop frame animation featuring some rather cute typography, while The McIntyre's also went for stop frame animation of epic proportions! (We loved the music on this one too).

Alchemation Studios produced the only computer animated entry, while Marty Dunlop managed to convince his very understanding friends to star in his film First Impressions.

Last but not least, Geoff made us all smile with his film One Million Moo's, based around the many uses for a MiniCard holder! (We loved the icecream substitution for the wine in MOO's own MiniCard holder video!)

All together, much fun has been had by all - now we just need to find a winner. It's over to our judges for now, but stay tuned, and we'll let you know asap.

Thanks again to all who entered - we hope you had a s much fun making, as we've had watching.

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