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Lights, webcams, action!

For anyone wanting to enter our MOOvie competition and bag themselves a bunch of prizes (including a nice Flip Mino HD, from Firebox), now's the time to get out of that director's chair and start shouting 'ACTION!'

The competition is running until the end of the month (July 31) and we've already had some great entries. We know there are lots of you out there who've made MOO MOOvies before - feel free to enter them - old or new, we'd love to see what you've been making.

The rules are pretty easy to follow - make a little video that features MOO. There's just two categories:

Story Time:
Any MOOvie that amuses, entertains, delights or even scares. The only rule is that there must be one reference to MOO (e.g. an exchange of a card, a sticker on a laptop, a starring role, anything as long as MOO has at least a cameo)

Helping Others: Tutorials & How Tos.
These MOOvies should help others to use MOO.COM or make something with our products. It could even explain how to create something with our api.

These are a couple of MOOvies we've spotted recently:

This augmented reality card, by James Alliban blew our minds a bit:

And we couldn't quite work out if this epic tune (one of three!) from mbethune made us want to run and hide, or burst into tears...

Luckily the cheery music in this little MOOvie by Vincent Lee cheered us up, with a trip round the world in MiniCard size photos!

So c'mon - time is running out - what are *you* going to make?

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