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Recently, Toby, one of the MOO Crew's developers, had the pleasure of meeting Jack Hooker. In usual fashion, Jack gave Toby one of his business cards . All of us back at MOO Studios were very impressed with Jack's cards and excited to find out that Jack had made his cards with MOO. So, we asked San Sharma* to find out a bit more about Jack and the story behind his cards for our business ideas section.

We couldn't wait for Jack's story to go live in our ideas section so we've shared it as a sneak peak here on our blog. Here's what San discovered...

Jack Hooker is a freelance graphic designer, working from a social collaborative space in
Lewes, East Sussex. Co-working, he says, gives him the chance to meet other creative professionals - and with his MOO Business Cards he makes sure that everybody knows Jack!

Jack uploaded complete designs for the front and back of his MOO Business Cards in four variations based on illustrations of himself - as the Jack in a pack of playing cards.

As a freelancer, Jack is used to appearing in different guises. He works for a number of design agencies and private clients, on projects as diverse as packaging, print and promotions. He also designs for newmedia, creating sites for bands and brands.

In fact, Jack got the idea for his business cards at The Farm, where he found that many people were already using MOO for themselves. "I saw that you could have different designs on the back of each card," he said. "So, I emailed MOO to see if my idea was do-able and they replied, explaining how to use the PDF uploader on their website. It was easy!"

Jack then used a corner cutter to round the edges off his Business Cards so that they looked more like playing cards. "The response I've had from the cards has been great," he said. "If I give one out at an event, I often get two or three more people asking if they can have one too!"

The cards are a perfect way to show off Jack's creativity, as a master of his trade, without breaking the bank. "They're very affordable," Jack says. "And MOO offers small print runs too - perfect for trying out new ideas to see how they'll look, and what kind of response they'll get." And, as a conversation piece, they’re an ideal ice-breaker, especially if you’re a nervous networker!

Jack played his cards right by using MOO. As a freelancer, first impressions are everything, and with these cards, Jack’s always sure to have a winning hand.

*Interview & Post by San Sharma. San helped create Enterprise Nation, the UK home business website, in 2006. He was its Creative Director for four years and editor of its Technology channel. He now helps people and companies make things work better, on paper and on screen, as a writer, designer and Social Media Consultant.


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3rd Jul, 2009 18:33 (UTC)
They are really nice! I have to get some new cards next year for my final exhibition, I've already decided pretty much everything for promotion is coming from Moo!
3rd Jul, 2009 22:38 (UTC)
what a cool idea! i think MOO cards have that "can i have one too?!" reaction on everyone. The cards are never like anything they've seen before
4th Jul, 2009 04:04 (UTC)

In 2001, I needed to travel to Japan on business. I needed to get new business cards that had my info on the reverse in japanese.

The company's standard cards had rounded edges. However, my cards for travel to Japan had square edges. The vendor explained to me that in Japan, a round-edged business card meant that I was a "professional", e.g. a hooker.

I find it hilarious that the client in this story is named "hooker".
4th Jul, 2009 17:45 (UTC)
Haha - that *is* funny. Oops.
4th Jul, 2009 17:16 (UTC)
Those are AWESOME! I can't wait until I need new business cards...
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