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Jury's still out on Del's Lemonade

Some of the UK MOO Crew have just got back from visiting our office in Providence, Rhode Island. It was so nice to meet up with our new American colleagues - and more than a little sad to come back with out them. They're doing a great job over there though, and it was nice to see the office doesn't look quite as bare as we'd imagined it, from our numerous video conferences.

We were also happy to see certain MOO traditions making it across the ocean - like Friday lunch for example. Sure enough, when Friday arrived, our fantastic new US Head of Operations, Dan, passed around the menus and got us all together for food and a chat. It's always a good way to see what everyone's been up to, and how everyone's getting along. This week we discussed extremely important topics - like how to get sand out of a clam, for example. (Soak them in salted water with a little cornmeal - the clam will take in the meal and spit out the sand, or, soak the clams in fresh water. As they breathe, the water is filtered, so the clam will push the sand and salt water out together.)

Dan's got a great team together, and we're planning a blog-interview with him soon, so he can tell you more about them. (We might also uncover the mystery of why we all call him 'Dan Cakes'.)

Of course, the other reason we were in Providence this week was the MOO Party! Thanks so much to everyone who came and made us feel so very welcome.

We spoke to lots of interesting people, including John Maeda and the Mayor of Providence! The latter took time out of his busy schedule to honour us with a special citation - which you can see Brian proudly displaying here:

We had a mix of UK and Rhode Island snacks, like mini shepherd's pie and clam chowder. The weather was also a mix of both, I think, starting off a bit cloudy (Rhode Island?) and ending up with rain (London!). Luckily we were well covered - as you can see in this shot, by Megan

All in all the week went by far too quickly - we had time for just two local delicacies - 'Cawfee milk' (nice!) and NY weiners. For the uninitiated, RI's NY weiners come with meat sauce - which is literally, sauce, made of meat. We didn't understand it either, but can confirm that it tastes pretty good!

The one thing we didn't have was Del's lemonade - but in a way, we're quite happy about this. It seems like a very good reason to go back soon.

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