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MOO's MOOvie Mania Competition!

We're having a movie competition! And never one to miss out on a good pun, we’ve decided of course, to call it MOOvie Mania. It should be lots of fun - and more to the point, we’ve got some great prizes and some wonderful judges. So… Lets get down to business.

What’s the competition about?

We’ve been spotting great little movies featuring MOO products for a while now. Un-boxings, tutorials - like this, and this, funky animations, and of course, the infamous Hugo, the Cat of 1000 Faces.

So, we thought, why not make it more official? Have a competition, let these budding film makers enter – and ask everyone else if they’d like to enter too. We’ll provide some great prizes and hopefully everyone will have some fun along the way.

How do you enter?

We thought we’d keep it simple. We’d like you to:


Create a short (:15 seconds to 15 minutes) video which fits either in one of the two following categories:

Story Time:
Any MOOvie that amuses, entertains, delights or even scares. The only rule is that there must be one reference to MOO (e.g. an exchange of a card, a sticker on a laptop, a starring role, anything as long as MOO has at least a cameo)

Helping Others: Tutorials & How Tos.
These MOOvies should help others to use MOO.COM or make something with our products. It could even explain how to create something with our api.


Post your MOOvie to one or all of the following MOOvie sites, before July 31, 2009. We’ve chosen three different sites in order that you can choose the one that suits you best.


Include the following tags when you upload to the site:
MOOvie Mania
Business Cards


Let us know about your MOOvie by posting a link here in the comments of this post - or any others about the MOOvie competition.

And that’s it, you’re done!

What can you win?

We’ll be giving 2 GRAND prizes (one for each category) and smaller prizes too for the 2nd and 3rd on the podium.

The grand prize winners will be awarded with an exceptional $1000 prize value:

• 1 Flip Mino HD (donated by Firebox)

• 1 Corel Video Studio Pro software (donated by Corel)

• £450 (GPB - or the equivalent in $USD)

• MOO Prize pack: 200 Business Cards, 1 Business Card Holder in leather, 1 pack of MiniCards, 1 Cobu MiniCard holder, 1 pack of 20 Postcards, ($157.95)

1 Flickr Pro

2nd prize:
• 1 Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Ultimate (donated by Corel)
200 Business Cards
1 Flickr Pro

3rd prize:
200 Business Cards
1 Flickr Pro
50 iStockphoto Credits

Who are the judges?

We have 5 esteemed independent judges who will make the final selection of winners. The judges are:
Heather Champ, www.Flickr.com
Joel Veitch, www.Rathergood.com
Jim Goertz, www.iStockphoto.com
Christian Robinson, www.firebox.co.uk
James Phillips, Corel

Is there anything else to know?

Not really - just have some fun making a MOOvie about MOO, upload it and tell us where it is, before July 31, 2009! You should probably read our terms and conditions too - just so you know what's what.

Any questions? Ask us here on the blog, we'd be happy to help!

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