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This time it's personal

There's something fantastically James Bond about these Business Cards. In a world where we're all dressed head to toe in black, jetsetting around on covert missions, we'd leave nothing but a card like this behind for our frustrated enemies to find.

Taking the card carefully out of its case with gloved hands, we'd place it on the table and smile secretively to ourselves as we abseiled out of the window, landing deftly on a motor bike below. We'd head straight for the nearest impractical stairway we could find, and drive down it shouting triumphant phrases in multiple languages.

Our card of course, would contain no traditional names and numbers, just a beautiful, graphical representation of our unique DNA. You want to find me? Match up my DNA first!

Well. Something like that anyway.

In real life, a company called DNA 11 made these cards - and they're a lot more practical, and a lot easier to produce than you may think. They can already create unique artworks from your own DNA, so they decided to make themselves some Business Cards with the same images.

Each image is created from a real-life swab (you get your own kit when you sign up!) The DNA is then extracted from the swab and run onto gel. A raw image is captured, which is then digitally enhanced and coloured.

The images they used for their own cards have been coloured in different ways - it makes a great looking pack and is the perfect way to showcase their business. They've also made some with fingerprints too.

If you like the idea of coloured packs, but not the idea of handing out your biological signature, we've recently added lots of new packs to the ColourLovers portfolio! You can mix and match designs, or buy Ready Made packs, with different colour themes.

We're rather attached to this pack, Dreaming in Green, which looks great when fanned out as you offer them to a new contact:

And this City Slicker pack is good for a more 'traditional' businessy approach. Read what ColourLovers have to say about the new packs and palettes, on their own blog.

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