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It probably wont come as a huge shock when I say we're big foodies at MOO. At the most basic level, we like a nice pie, and if it's at all possible, we love following that with a lovely slice of cake. We've even been known to have 'specialist' food days, like the first day of localisation, in 2008, or the meatfest of Wednesday 13th May 2009, which was in celebration of our recent USA launch.

Unsurprisingly, our eyes are finely food-tuned now - we can spot food related MiniCards at 50 paces. So when we saw lots of great cards being made by a company called Foodbuzz, you can imagine we got rather excited. These are an example, created for food blogger, Deep Dish Dreams

And here's another, by Malaysia Best

In the interests of general noseyness research, we got in touch with Foodbuzz to say hello and see if we could give them a hand. As they're such nice folks, we thought it might be good to introduce them to you too, and explain what these cards are all about.

Hello, for the uninitiated, can explain a bit more about Foodbuzz? What's it all about?

Hello! Foodbuzz is the largest online community for food lovers! We’re the number one social networking site for foodies and the third-largest food property on the web. Users can share recipes, review restaurants, post photos, and make friends with other foodies all over the world.

So, what does Foodbuzz use MOO products for?

The backbone of our community is made up of more than 2,000 Featured Publishers, a group of fantastic and passionate food bloggers who have partnered with Foodbuzz. We show our Featured Publishers a lot of love, and to help them get the word out about their blogs, we give each new Featured Publisher a free pack of mini-MOO cards to share with other foodies they might meet!

That's a lot of cards - how do you go about making them all?

We worked with MOO to create an API accessible on our site only to Featured Publishers. It automatically fills in the publisher's information (their name, blog title, and URL). We also hand-selected some wonderful food images for the backs of the cards. Our publishers love them!

Excellent! What's a typical reaction when someone receives their cards from you? And what do they do with them?

Publishers are really excited to get the cards — as bloggers, one of the first things they do is blog about them! I think they appreciate that we’re helping them promote their blog, and when they attend foodie events or meet other food lovers, they have a beautiful set of calling cards ready to go!

Any other good tips for how someone might use MOO products if they're a total foodie?

We think MOO cards would make great recipe cards! Don’t just give someone your contact info, give them one of your favorite recipes too!


We love seeing new communities using our cards. The excitement (and love) Foodbuzz have generated with this simple but useful gift is a real joy to read. If you're doing something similar in your own community, get in touch! We'd love to feature you too.


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14th May, 2009 18:02 (UTC)
Link to Taste As You Go
Just wanted to say thanks for linking to my blog post about the MOO cards I received from Foodbuzz! You're absolutely right -- the first thing I did when I received the box was to blog about the cards. :)
14th May, 2009 23:20 (UTC)
Re: Link to Taste As You Go
Aww - thank you for writing the post in the first place!
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