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Hello folks

Four score and seven years ago (2004, actually), when MOO was just a twinkle in my eye, I dreamed that one day this little business would grow up, and spawn offices in other countries around the world. This week that dream came true.

On the 1st May 2009, MOO USA was born (10lbs and 3oz, a little on the heavy side) in Providence, Rhode Island, and began fulfilling orders for all our American customers.

Clocks at MOO Studios

It has been a long labour. For the last 4 months we've been busy setting up the US operation: taking a space, moving stock from London, putting Ikea furniture together, and hiring an All American MOO Crew. Our VP of Operations, Brian, moved back to the USA to lead the project (we originally imported him to London from California three years ago), and he took Joy, our much-loved HR manager with him. Tears were shed, cake was eaten, beers were drunk.

MOO's London-based Development team have also been hard at work, splitting the website in two, mirroring our distributed operations and giving the US its very own site. And for good reason too.

With MOO now on the ground in the USA our American customers (nearly half our entire customer base) will enjoy a significantly better service from us:

• Shipping times should be halved
• Shipping will be cheaper, and all items will ship together
• New shipping products will also be available, like tracking and a shiny new express service
• There will be special US-only promotions (don't worry Rest of World, you'll get special promos too!)
• And soon Customer Service will be done on US time, by 100% real Americans

In the short-term, however, Stickers, NoteCards and Frames will only be available from our European Store, which is still accessible to US customers.

So, we're all a little bit excited about this here at MOO: a significantly better service for our customers, a new office and shiny new MOO Crew pen pals for us.

It's all pretty straight forward, but there's one question we keep getting asked...

'Why Providence?'

Well, Providence was actually chosen for a number of reasons. Primarily because of its proximity to London, office hours overlap and lower costs (vs New York or Boston). But there were plenty of other reasons to be excited about this small, but beautiful town. Brian knew Providence well, and when we committed to the location he reassured us that it had a great pedigree.

Here are some of the great things to have come out of Providence -

Shepard Fairey, created the ubiquitous Andre the Giant campaign, whilst attending the world-renowned Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), in Providence. Haven't heard of him? You've almost certainly seen his iconic designs which can be seen around the world.

• The band, Talking Heads, met in Providence, also whilst at RISD. Origianlly called 'The Artistics', Byrne, Frantz and Weymouth changed their name to 'Talking Heads' when they moved to New York after graduation.

• The awesome cartoon, Family Guy, is based in Rhode Island. The fictional town of Quahog is supposed to be in a suburb of Providence. Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, studied animation at RISD.

The Farelley Brothers, producers of Dumb and Dumber and There's Something About Mary, are from Cumberland, Rhode Island. Many of their movies feature Rhode Island and New England.

• The toy company Hassenfeld Brothers was founded in 1923 and still has its headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The company shortened its name to Hasbro in 1968, and invented, amongst others, the amazing game of Monopoly.

And now MOO is there too. We're really excited about coming to Providence, and the United States. It's a big step for us, moving to a new town, a new country, but everyone there has made us feel very welcome, we even got to meet the Mayor.

So, American friends, we hope you like your new, improved US service. And, as is customary, we'll be having a big MOO party to celebrate our arrival in the Ocean State. So look out for more details in the Blog around the beginning of June. We hope to see you *all* then.

Until then,

MOO CEO & Founder



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5th May, 2009 09:04 (UTC)
• The band, Talking Heads, met in Providence, also whilst at RISD. Origianlly called 'The Artistics', Byrne, Frantz and Weymouth changed their name to 'Talking Heads' when they moved to New York after graduation.

Hey, my aunt went to RISD at the same time as the Talking Heads; she met them and everything :-) (Harrison, the fourth member, went to Harvard I believe.)

Looking forward to ordering some Moo cards that will be shipped from this side of the pond!
5th May, 2009 09:17 (UTC)
Don't forget David Macaulay and Chris Van Allsburg!
5th May, 2009 10:35 (UTC)
Welcome to the Ocean State (motto: Hope, state beverage: Del's Lemonade), home of the sweetest lobsters, authentic jonnycakes and more miles of scenic shoreline than . . . almost anywhere.

I hope you allow pick-up by the customer. Now that you're just a short drive away, I can REALLY save on shipping.

Nancy at BellflowerDesigns.com (Kingston, RI, and the world)
5th May, 2009 14:12 (UTC)
I thought the state beverage was cawfee milk!!
6th May, 2009 10:24 (UTC)
Well, technically, you are correct. "After much political debate the Rhode Island State Legislature proclaimed Coffee Milk as 'The Official State Drink of Rhode Island' on July 29, 1993." (Wikipedia) Thing is, I never conceded the debate, and neither did anyone I know. Coffee syrup is nasty stuff, while there is nothing -- nothing! -- like a jumbo Del's on the first hot day in April. Nectar of the gods.
6th May, 2009 18:40 (UTC)
But what on earth IS Coffee Milk? Help!
5th May, 2009 10:35 (UTC)
Hey, neighbors! Welcome to the neighborhood. :D
5th May, 2009 13:24 (UTC)
Yay for picking an East Coast city! I live in New Hampshire so any future orders are going to take like..2 days. :D
5th May, 2009 13:27 (UTC)
Congrats!!! :)
5th May, 2009 14:09 (UTC)
I'm still bummed out that I missed out when you were hiring in Providence.
5th May, 2009 16:21 (UTC)
Congrats and welcome. 8) I'll have to look you up when I'm in town.
5th May, 2009 16:25 (UTC)
I am happy to have you here!! Be sure to check out Seven Stars, Loie Fuller, Trinity Brewhouse, and Cellar Stories Bookstore. Four of my favorite places. :)
6th May, 2009 18:40 (UTC)
Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone!
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