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Hey, Peggy!

Is it just us, or do people with what we can only assume must be heaps of washing, take great photographs? We've noticed some amazing shots in the Flickr pool recently, involving pegs, washing lines and MiniCards. Here's a few examples:

This beautiful shot by LiaSterkenburg reminds us of guitar strings. Never mind whistling while you work, strumming a tune while you wash sounds like much more fun:

sapaho on the other hand, demonstrates the simple - but commendable - concept, of washing like colours together. Taking no risks, she's even hanging out the cards with blue pegs...

These blue pegs are a little bigger, but still make for a vibrant shot, featuring complementary colours by RONCHY:

Despite missing the blue-peg memo, °Giulietta° took this perfect shot of her cards - little works of art themselves:

And last but by no means least, ash-lip puts her cards out to dry in a more unconventional way, with this little MiniCard stand, made with mini-pegs!

If you get a sunny weekend, and you're putting the clothes out to dry, why not try a shot yourself? We like to know our little cards are kept nice and clean...


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28th Apr, 2009 03:50 (UTC)
I totally love this idea haha. Now where to get mini clothes pins?!

I have a question about minicards though -- I just got my sample pack of business cards and I am completely in love with them, and I will definitely be ordering from you guys in the future. I am most interested, at this point in time, in mini cards for personal use. Do you guys have any plans to offer colors for the back sides of the mini cards?

By this I mean a solid color for the background, such as black, and a different color for your text? I did white text on a black background for my business cards and I just love it, and I would also completely love it in a mini card.

Perhaps offering this option for an extra couple of bucks would be an idea?
28th Apr, 2009 13:09 (UTC)
thanks for this feedback. We do have some plans along these lines, but we wont be putting them live for a little while.
(Meaning, if you order in the next month, we wont annoy you by adding that a week later :)
28th Apr, 2009 13:11 (UTC)
So a little while like.. six months to a year from now?

And that's awesome. I'm excited to hear it.

I also love that you guys get back so quickly and reply to stuff. <3
29th Apr, 2009 05:54 (UTC)
yup - more like that. Although I think it's a secret and I'm not supposed to tell you!
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