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Mini-competition: winners announced!

At last - the moment you've all been waiting for - the winners of the MiniCard Box Mini-Competition! The competition closed on Sunday night, and we've been deliberating ever since. There was a great range of entries, from the theatrical to the practical, the lavatorial to the botanical. Thanks so much to everyone who entered and joined in the fun.

The funniest photo of the new MiniCard box

We were just the tiniest bit gobsmacked by this. And when I say 'tinest' what I mean is 'completely'. But, if the new MiniCard box can give a girl a grand day out, who are we to argue? Congrats to Sweet Peas Photography!

The most interesting re-use of the new MiniCard box

A beautiful set of photos, we thought this re-use was imaginative, inventive - and stylish to boot! It's the MiniCard box as jelly mould:

Ta da!

Now we're wondering if we could squeeze a whole 'Cooking with MOO' book (cmook?) out of this. Congratulations to ocook

The photo of the new MiniCard box in the most unusual location

How on earth tony_the_bald_eagle got a shot of our MiniCard box-making-process we'll never know - but it seems he's at last documented the fact our new boxes are hatched, not made*! Wrapped in foil our rare-breed eggs are carefully incubated for a total of seven weeks, before their furious wriggling cracks the shells. Congratulations to Tony for this action shot, of a new MiniCard box emerging!

*This might not be 100% true.

Special Award for Culture

The judges felt we should also give a prize to itchy_fingers for her dramatic production of Shakespeare's classic, Macbeth. Congrats for making us smile - we're looking forward to the full stop-frame animated feature, which we're sure is coming soon!

The first person to post a photo of the new MiniCard box

This has already been announced, but here's that photo by no5 Robsta again, in all its glory:

Well done for being so quick off the mark!


So, congratulations to all our winners, we'll be contacting you tomorrow with details of your MiniCard prize. Thanks again to everyone who took part!


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15th Apr, 2009 15:33 (UTC)
when moo cards first came out I was a paid member and the offering of them for free was offered. I was on board. As doing this, my computer crashed. So I didn't get my freebie I was entitled to. You can look it up in the archives, I'm sure.

*woe is me* pity party. I am not expecting anything, just making it aware...make sense?
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