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Boxing clever: a mini-competition

Just a little reminder, we're having a mini-competition on MOO at the moment, to celebrate our mini-design alterations on our MiniCard box. The winners each receive a free pack of MiniCards and shipping!

You've got 6 days left to enter, so if you've ordered MiniCards recently, and you're waiting patiently by the letterbox you should still have time. The competition will close at Mindnight GMT, Sunday 12th April.

These are the categories:

• The funniest photo of the new MiniCard box
• The most interesting re-use of the new MiniCard box
• The photo of the new MiniCard box in the most unusual location

- and there was another category too - which has already been won by no5 Robsta - who was the first person to post a photo of the new MiniCard box on Flickr!

These are some other weird and wonderful entries we've spotted:

A night at the mini theatre, by itchy_fingers

An unusual business networker, taking an opportunity to share contact details, with Sweet Peas Photography

Bowled over. One little lady takes a dip in the most unusual location - and is spotted by the ever camera-ready Sweet Peas Photography

Claws for thought, David Norfolk stands well back, as the packaging unwraps itself:

And finally, don't forget to keep your MiniCards clean! Luckily JenniferLou has lots of super-cute help from bathtime buddies:

Grab your camera and get snapping!

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