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Announcing a NEW MOO Business Card

As you know, we like to listen to the things our customers are suggesting. On your suggestion we added the image upload to the front AND back of Business Cards. Next we upgraded the preview tool, and still your suggestions keep coming. You love our 100% recycled, eco-friendly Business Cards, but some of you want more. You want to be SUPER ECO FRIENDLY.

Well, we hear you.

We're excited to announce the SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Card!
Part of MOO's New 'Business Basics' range, they're as green as it gets.

How is it so green?
The answer is simple. We send you the the words and pictures, you re-use the business cards other people have given you.

In this business climate, words are vital. They're what makes a business tick. Think about it, without words, What would your business be called? Nothing. You need words - words of the highest quality.

But sometimes, words aren't enough. You also need pictures - they give you that competitive edge. Time and time again we see pictures on Business Cards and we know you've achieved networking nirvana with images of your artwork, your product range or your services.

Look: here's an example of a card with neither words nor pictures. Will this sell your business?

You'll be glad to know with MOO SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Cards, both words and pictures are supplied as standard.

But how do SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Cards work?
It's so simple, even your well trained dog could make one.

Your SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Cards arrive in a recycled brown box. Here's a shot of Steve, taking delivery of his order. Steve is going to a networking event this evening, he's excited - and ready to get cracking.

Inside the box is a handy set of instructions. Everything is clearly explained - no need for a design degree here! In a rush? No problem! Make up some cards now and take this pocket guide with you. Why not make the rest of your cards while you travel?

Armed with all the knowledge he needs, Steve gets ready to make his Cards. He's following these simple steps:

Step 1
Collect all the business cards you've ever received. Yes, those cards wasting space on your desk, at the bottom of your bag, or hidden in your drawer - collect them all. It's time to apply some MOO Magic!

Using the brush and paint supplied, simply paint over the details on both sides of the cards you've been given by other people. The paint is water-based, quick to dry, and made of only natural ingredients. We don't recommend it, but this paint is so environmentally friendly, you could even drink it!
(Note: in the event of paint in eyes, rinse eyes immediately with clean, fresh water. If any symptoms persist, seek the advice of your local pharmacist).

Step 2
Open your MOO Business Basics Words. All the words you need for your Business Cards are here. Your name, your business name, your phone numbers, your email address. Some of our user-testers have even added their twitter urls!

Step 3
Simply glue the words to your previously prepared SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Cards. This is quick and easy with tweezers - making a complete card takes only 15 minutes!

Step 4
Flip the card over, and get to work on your photograph. When you upload your images to MOO, our back-end software turns them into traceable outlines. Using these outlines and our custom made carbon pad, you can trace a different image on the front of every card!

Step 5
There is no step 5! Yes, it takes just 4 simple steps and only 25 minutes to create a SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Card.
That's just 1250 minutes to make a complete pack of 50. (Or just over 20 hours for those who like their time the old fashioned way!)

Still in beta phase right now, we're launching these in the next few months. Subscribe to our blog or sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear the latest news.



( 25 comments — Leave a comment )
1st Apr, 2009 07:18 (UTC)
I love it when people put so much effort into their April Fools' jokes!
1st Apr, 2009 09:04 (UTC)
ha ha - your icon is the best ever :)
Thank you!

Edited at 2009-04-01 09:11 (UTC)
1st Apr, 2009 07:49 (UTC)
<3. Even though it's nearly April the 2nd here I totally enjoyed this post
1st Apr, 2009 08:49 (UTC)

1st Apr, 2009 09:12 (UTC)
ha ha ha, that's the most clever joke I have seen all day (and the 1st is nearly over here in oz)
1st Apr, 2009 10:05 (UTC)
Happy April!
1st Apr, 2009 10:27 (UTC)
Hehe. I love it. Love the Ikea style instructions. :)
1st Apr, 2009 12:35 (UTC)
And a happy April Fools' Day to y'all, too! :D
1st Apr, 2009 13:13 (UTC)
:D :D

First prank I've seen today!
1st Apr, 2009 13:43 (UTC)
Good show!
1st Apr, 2009 14:04 (UTC)
You guys had better be careful - this is such a great idea, you might have to ACTUALLY do it! LOL

1st Apr, 2009 14:08 (UTC)
lol, great joke guys! :)
1st Apr, 2009 14:42 (UTC)
T_T I believed it until I read the comments.

I was getting excited to order it!!

Can I have the one you made to take the photos with. :( I'm disappointed.

But good joke guys.
1st Apr, 2009 15:17 (UTC)
Third prank so far! At least it wasn't a rick-roll.
1st Apr, 2009 16:56 (UTC)
Never gonna gi...
Oh wait. Ooops.
1st Apr, 2009 16:00 (UTC)
Well done!!
1st Apr, 2009 16:21 (UTC)
1st Apr, 2009 17:38 (UTC)
Awesome job guys. I love how everything in the box is labeled. Also, I totally want the Yay! card in the top right corner. So friggin' cute!
1st Apr, 2009 18:24 (UTC)
Awesome! I actually want one of these haha.
1st Apr, 2009 19:04 (UTC)
1st Apr, 2009 19:07 (UTC)
You guys are the best. I love it.
Only 20 hours?

See you on the second of April.
1st Apr, 2009 22:40 (UTC)
how wrong is it that I REALY want one????
2nd Apr, 2009 01:17 (UTC)
;_; Can I buy it?? It's a lovely idea!

And such a lovely April Fool's!
2nd Apr, 2009 14:44 (UTC)
Awesome! Just awesome!!
This reminds me of a brief time when my sister recycled old Christmas cards into tiny gift boxes. 0-o
Well done indeed. :o)
2nd Apr, 2009 16:16 (UTC)
I would totally buy this, haha.
( 25 comments — Leave a comment )

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