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I'll be your mirror...

We've had a very busy time of it here at MOO Towers recently. Some of the MOO Crew were at SXSWi, while others were working on the new MiniCard box - and additional packaging ideas to be revealed soon. The dev team are all hard at work preparing for the USA launch, and others have just hopped on a plane to Photoshop World, in Boston.

The Recruitment Crew are hard at work, reading CVs for our recent UK and USA job postings - and have asked me to mention that if you haven't got response to something you've sent us, please don't worry. They're reading everything very carefully, and hoping to respond as soon as they can.

The lovely folks in the warehouse are still sending out orders as fast as their little legs will carry them and we're still seeing beautiful Cards and Stickers flying out the door.

It's been a little while since we last held up that mirror to show you how great you are, so look! A little round up in pictures, from you, the MOO community:

supercoco9 has been decorating a mini-laptop with Stickers:

While Buster shows us what Stickers are really meant for, in this photo by absolutely small:

And Seattle Roll shows us just how cute MiniCards can be...

While Chameleon Designs goes for understated elegance, using photos of her own creations on Business Cards:

I received this fantastic MiniCard in the post, from the lovely Cole:

And finally, these beautiful invitations were created by Lady Design for her forthcoming exhibition, using Postcards:

If you're feeling creative and you've just received - or are about to receive - some MiniCards in the post, don't forget our mini-competition!

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