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The Great Austin MOO Crew Hunt

(Post by Lisa!)
Based on all the #SXSW tweets on Twitter, a fair few of you are heading to Austin this weekend for SXSWi. A few of the MOO Crew (Richard, Stef and I) are also going and we thought it would be cool to meet & exchange cards. However, we thought it could prove difficult given we don't know what we all look like. So, we came up with what hopefully will be a fun way to meet.

Starting Saturday morning we'll kick off The Great Austin MOO Crew Hunt. Here's the idea and some basic rules:

1. First, we'll post a short trivia-type question via Twitter (you'll need to follow us @overheardatmoo)

2. In the tweet, we'll also provide a clue to the location of one of the MOO Crew (don't worry the clue will be easy)

3. If you're in the vicinity come seek us out. (Not sure what we look like? Here we are: Richard, Stef and me)

4. After you find us, whisper the answer to the question in our ears. If you are one of the first 3 people to get the right answer, we'll give you a fun MOO prize (and yes, it will be more than just getting to say hello)

5. Exchange cards!

Now, what about the rest of the team back in London and all those MOOsters who aren't going to SXSW? Don't worry we decided to do a virtual MOO Crew Hunt. That means, same rules except the running around Austin to find us. Just DM (direct message) us on Twitter and the first person who correctly answers the question wins a MOO prize as well.

So see you in Austin ... the hunt begins on Saturday morning.


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13th Mar, 2009 17:34 (UTC)
sadly i'm not going to make sxsw, but this post just made me order moo cards.

thought you should know. :)
13th Mar, 2009 17:43 (UTC)
yay! Did you order MiniCards? If so, this could be the competition for you: http://moocards.livejournal.com/46015.html

14th Mar, 2009 22:51 (UTC)
I added you guys on Twitter but am unable send a DM. How sad :o(
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