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As we're always showing you beautiful packs of Business Cards made with artwork or photography, we thought for once we'd show you something different. It's not always appropriate or possible to use images on your cards; maybe you're a writer, marketer or software developer, or perhaps you're promoting an application - so what do you do then?

To start, we've seen some really nice designs made with Text-o-matic MiniCards, like these for example, by Kiwi Pinch Designs:

And if it's words you're after, we've spotted some lovely Wordle cards out there - used for everything from Weddings, to Business cards. Wordle makes beautiful tag clouds from your own text, and allows you to choose colours and fonts according to your personal style. These, Cards were made by Annie Mole, using Wordle, and promote her blog:

Some small businesses who have a logo (rather than freelancers, who often don't) really make the most of it by printing in a variety of colours. This works really well when you take them out of your pocket to hand them over. It's a great talking point as people pause to choose their favourite colour, and has just a bit more impact than a bunch of traditional white cards, which all look the same. These lovely cards by Gimme look good enough to eat:

Recently we've spotted two examples of companies or individuals using a form of customer endorsement or review on their cards. The first is a set of Business Cards from Mike Coulter, based on the Tweets of friends and colleagues. Why try to convince people of your brilliance when others can do it for you?

The second example are these beautiful cards from TrakAx. They've been designed to feature different quotes from customers and publications, and not only have the 'wow' factor when you take them out of your pocket, but are really good conversation starters, around the product:

So, what about you? If you're in the same situation, promoting something that can't or wont be photographed, what do you put on your cards? If you got any images, add the links in the comments - we'd love to compile a gallery of the best, for our Business Cards Ideas Pages


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16th Feb, 2009 16:04 (UTC)
Nifty! Loving the last one quite a bit.
If you're a comedian, you could feature a joke on one side, and where you're appearing on the other; a writer or a band could have a quotation/lyric from their book/lead song; a business could either have their motto or their featured product on one side and their address on the other.
Just throwing those out there.
Kudos to you guys yet again!
16th Feb, 2009 17:23 (UTC)
The last one is really smart, isn't it. Someone on the blog on moo.com just posted these - cards made of mis-spellings on ebay - they're great:
17th Feb, 2009 01:45 (UTC)
I work in the corporate office for a major pay-TV provider. We are going to be ordering Moo cards as flash cards with trivia questions on them. Our customer service representatives will be able to use them when call volume is slow. I love how creative moocards lets me be!
17th Feb, 2009 10:13 (UTC)
ooh - fantastic - show us pics when you've got them!
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