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MOO pick-up-points at Events!

From time to time, we at MOO like to down tools, tear ourselves away from our laptops and get out into the big wide world to meet you all in person.

We find the best way to do this is by going to the events you are are interested in, and we wanted to tell you about the next few events coming up, that we'll be at.

We'd love you to come by, say hi, show us your MOO products and charm us to get discounts and insider gossip!

As a special treat, we also offer free shipping (and sometimes other product discounts) on any orders you place, to pick-up from us at the event. Consider this an extra-special hand delivery service.

So, if you're off to any of the events we're headed to, check below for more details on where we'll be, what the discounts are, and how to pick-up your products.

Event: Focus on Imaging
Website: http://www.focus-on-imaging.co.uk/index.htm
Location: Birmingham, UK
Dates: 22nd - 25th February 2009

MOO location: MOO Stand - B53
Special offer: Free delivery to event
Promocode: focusmoo
Expiry: 15/2/09


Event: Social Media Influence
Website: http://www.screenevents.co.uk/smi_09/visitor_info.html
Location: London, UK
Dates: 3rd March 2009

MOO location: MOO table near main event registration
Special offer: 15% off a pack of Business Cards or MiniCards + free delivery to event
Promocode: SMImoo09
Expiry: 25/2/09


Event: Photoshop World
Website: http://www.photoshopworld.com/
Location: Boston, USA
Dates: 25th - 27th March 2009

MOO location: MOO stand - 622
Special offer: 25% off entire order + free delivery to event
Promocode: pswmoo
Expiry: 13/3/09


Make sure you use the promocodes attached to the right event, and only if you're going to the event, as all these codes will hold back your orders in our warehouse to be delivered at each event, in person.

(If you don't make it to pick up your cards, get in touch after the event (http://www.moo.com/service/), and we'll let you know how to pay for shipping and get your order delivered to you.)

See you there!


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14th Feb, 2009 00:03 (UTC)

I'd enjoy a MOOtup! XD

16th Feb, 2009 15:01 (UTC)
me too ;)
We've not got another one planned as yet - but never say never!
14th Feb, 2009 06:55 (UTC)
Will anyone be coming over to ETech in March? I imagine a lot of MOO type folks will be there! :) (Myself included, of course!)
16th Feb, 2009 15:02 (UTC)
Hello - no, I don't think so, not this year. A couple will be going to SXSW though!
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