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Things to do, while working from home

Depending on where you are the world, you may or may not know that London, home of both MOO and most of it's employees, has been overcome by snow. We don't do 'weather' well in this country, really - whatever weather we get, it always comes as a bit of a shock, and so buses, trains, tubes etc are still working out if they can run or not. At time of writing, most are favouring 'not'.

Consequently, many of the MOO Crew are working from home - and judging from the Twitters we've seen, many of you are too. Once you've come in from playing in the snow - sorry, working in the snow - you'll be needing to take a break. This is where the lovely Jo Carter has come to your aid.

Like many of you, she's a Facebook user, and a Packrat fan. Not only that, but she has a MOO API key and knows how to use it!

Jo's built a fantastic little application that lets you make a StickerBook from the Packrat graphics. You can get 90 different stickers in a StickerBook, and you can choose from over 1000 different images! There's everything from monkeys, to ninjas, seahorses to stilettos.

There's some things fluffy...

And even a few things MOO...

So, take a look at Packrat - in the interests of social media research - and then, make yourself some stickers! The graphics are fantastic - Packrat player or not. They'd be perfect for yourself, or the content would make a great present for children (of all ages).


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2nd Feb, 2009 16:28 (UTC)
i love those! i am addicted to packrat!
2nd Feb, 2009 18:06 (UTC)
Oh no... I think I may have to get some PackRat stickers...!! Those are awesome.
2nd Feb, 2009 20:03 (UTC)
And done. Hehe.

Now I might start playing the game again too.
3rd Feb, 2009 08:35 (UTC)
haha - You lot! Get on with your work :)
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