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As you may know, we like to listen to your feedback. Hearing your thoughts on our products and the way they're made helps us to improve things not only for you as an individual, but for everyone. As you may also know, we've added tweaks here and there to our Business Card process in the past, and this week - due to popular demand - we've added a 'preview'.

What does this mean? It means that you can preview the front and back of your cards together, as you make them.

The first place you'll spot it, is the page where you add your details - click the 'Check preview' link in the bottom left hand corner. If you've uploaded more than one image, you can view each one in turn, next to the details side of the card.

You can also use the preview at later stages in the process too, which is *perfect* for checking your text for last minute errors. Made cards before and spelt something wrong? You're not alone! Now you can double (and triple) check. Opened your cards with glee only to realise you forgot your url or your phone number? Use the new preview to check!

(Remember, it's Little MOO that deals with your order and while he's lovely, spelling isn't his forte. He's not allowed to touch your text at all, and so what's printed is exactly what you send us).

We're really excited to have this live - thanks for all your feedback, and of course try it and let us know how you get on.


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14th Jan, 2009 14:10 (UTC)
This is a great feature - I look forward to using it!
14th Jan, 2009 14:55 (UTC)
great icon :D

It's been a bit of a tricky process to get live, but we're exited now it's done. Let us know how you get on!
17th Feb, 2009 05:24 (UTC)
Logo not appearing on my many attempts...
I've had issues including a logo image on the back of my business cards (ie. same side as the text). Has this issue been resolved ?
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