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Good idea in a box

Well, we're a little late with the new year greetings, but... Happy new year anyway! We hope you had a fun festive season and that being back in the office is bearable. Thanks to those on Twitter who kept us company on Christmas Eve - there's nothing like a bit of solidarity to cheer up a mini-Christmas-MOO Crew!

For those too cold to get their brains working, or anyone still stuck in a post xmas fug, I thought I would share this idea for a nice little memory game, made with Business Cards. You don't have to make one right now, but it's so quick and easy you could save it for the next time you feel like making a creative gift.

Made by Lisa (MOO's VP of Marketing), for her niece and nephew, it's a set of 50 cards, featuring pairs of family photos. The backs are all the same, and the game is in remembering where specific cards are, as you try to match up the pairs.

As Lisa lives a long way from the lucky recipients, this is a great way to keep in touch . A nice reminder of what you look like, and a simple way to say 'Hey! I'm thinking of you!'

If you're feeling camera shy, you could still make a great personalised pack by mixing and matching MOO Designer images. Either add a personal message to the reverse using the MOO templates, or by uploading a special design, as Lisa has done here. Business Cards all come with a free holder, so the game looks even more professional and is ready for easy gift wrapping.

In other news, remember Kevin Lloyd, who made Stickers from saved Dopplr destinations? He's been tinkering with the MOO Api again, and now you can make 'Mooplr' MiniCards too!

Sounds like it's time to start planning a holiday...


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7th Jan, 2009 19:16 (UTC)
what a cute idea!
8th Jan, 2009 07:51 (UTC)
nice, isn't it? I like the fact that as it comes in a box, it can be used as a travel game too, small and easy to pack :)

I'm kind of tempted to make a jigsaw now, actually...
7th Jan, 2009 21:27 (UTC)
What a great idea!
7th Jan, 2009 21:31 (UTC)
utterly brilliant!
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