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Quizzes and Questions for 2009

On this New Year's Eve Eve, we figured some of you might be going a little stir crazy at home (too much of a good thing) or perhaps you're one of the minority who's working today and need a distraction. We definitely did. That is why what's left of the MOO crew have been trying out some end-of-year quizzes.

However, before you get stuck in to some of these quizzes, we have a few questions for you about MOO. It should only take 5 minutes and we really do appreciate the answers. It's the same survey that was in our Boxing Day newsletter. If you did complete that, you can skip this part and get right to the end-of-year brainteasers.

Here are a speckling of quizzes we found on the interweb. If you have others that are worth sharing, please add to the comments.

  1. A world news quiz from the BBC. Crackers! Our average was only 4.5 out of 10. What was your score?

  2. This one is a world business quiz. It has a slight Canuck angle as it's from the Globe & Mail (Canadian newspaper)

  3. Now for the slightly more scientific quiz from the New Scientist.

  4. Metro (one of the free papers in London) had a quiz that was surprisingly not that easy. Hmmm.

  5. This quiz was rather funny as it was all about Tom Cruise in 2008. Sadly, I can't find where the answers are published. If you find them online, please comment.

  6. An arts and entertainment quiz by the Times.

  7. Finally, here is a technology quiz from the Guardian.
Enjoy, but don't forget our survey.

Have a Happy New Year from all of us at MOO. See you in 2009.

New Year Design by:Frieda Bird Here are a few more new year designs just in case you want to send out some new year cards.



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30th Dec, 2008 12:42 (UTC)
I got 6/10 on the BBC news quiz!
13th Apr, 2011 11:35 (UTC)
Looking forward to get involved
Hi - I am definitely happy to discover this. great job!
14th Apr, 2011 13:16 (UTC)
Can't wait to have my say
Hi - I am really delighted to discover this. cool job!
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