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I've started so I'll finish

Many of MOO's designers undertake their own personal projects, creating artwork for themselves, friends and clients around the world. In this digital age, a lot of this work is created on screen - but we still get a huge buzz out of seeing original works created the old fashioned way; on paper, using real pens or pencils.

Andrea Joseph is one such illustrator. Working from her overcrowded desk (shown above) she's just finished over 300 hours worth of drawings, filling an entire Moleskine sketchbook. A total of 53 pieces, there's a huge mix of work, from beautiful buttons...

to service station classics..

The very final page of the masterpiece even contains 9 little MiniCards, featuring Andrea's own work.

If you'd like to take advantage of her talent, and fill up your own book (in less than 300 hours), you can print a mix of her artwork with MOO. (I can never decide if I like the buttons or the tapes best, they make really cute Stickers)

In other 'finishing news', yesterday we said our tearful goodbyes to Iain, our suspiciously cheerful project manager. After two years he's heading off to pastures new - miles away, in an agency near London Bridge.

Ever calm and cheerful, even in the face of looming deadlines, stressed developers and the design team (usually me) refusing any possible request he might make, he was a ray of sunshine around the MOO office. It's fitting then, that he loves us and leaves us, as he rides off into the sunset...

Good luck, fella. You'll be missed.


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11th Dec, 2008 10:58 (UTC)
Knickers or chips!!!
11th Dec, 2008 12:48 (UTC)
haha - i was going to say knickers, but couldn't think of a nice way of putting it :D
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