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If you're looking for a quick n' crafty Christmas gift to make - either alone while you enjoy some peace and quiet, or with the kids for added noisey fun - you could think about something like this great little calendar, made by jbloomphotos.

She's mixed more traditional scrapbooking materials with family photos, printed on MiniCards. It adds an extra personal touch, and makes for an ideal present to send in the post to family far away. If you're really clever, you could make the MiniCards removable, so as the month ends, they could be used for bookmarks too. The beautiful ones below were made by Emmalynne

MiniCards are acid and lignin free, incidentally, so good for scrapbooks of all kinds. And don't forget, if you fancy going glue-free, for less mess with the kids, Stickers work really well too (also acid and lignin free).

And talking of Stickers - look at this. It's scrapbooking the new school way!

This beautiful collection of tech Stickers (including ones from MOO) have been lovingly and very carefully applied to a Mac laptop, by Phil Hawksworth, using a circular template. It's so nicely done, I kind of wish it were mine.


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28th Nov, 2008 06:55 (UTC)
The scrapbook ideas look lovely!

I have a totally off topic question:
When uploading photos, do you (moo) have problems with naughty pictures? Meaning printing NC-17 moocards or similar stuff?
I didn't find it on your site (or maybe I'm too blind) and I was asked by a friend;)
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