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Exciting headline!

(It's Friday. Seriously). First up, hopefully you know we've got a FREE SHIPPING offer on? Until the end of November, we're offering free shipping on all orders over $100 / £50 / €70. If there was ever a time to get a couple of Mosaic Frames as gifts or make your Christmas or Holiday Cards, it's probably now.

Of course, we'd love it if you used our templates for making your cards (like the ones above) - mainly as it took us ages to make them BUT, you don't have to. We still have the full image upload option, so you could - if you were feeling a bit creative - go nuts with some photos and text in a graphics app first. Look at these:

They were made by Hailey and Andrew, Brisbane based photographers, who fancied doing something cool to send to clients. They made cards with MOO last year too - and not just for themselves. If you check out this blog post, you'll see they made some great Christmas tags, stickers and Cards for their clients too. (Now the financial pressure's on a bit, any extra value or services you can provide for you clients, at not too much extra effort has to be a good thing...)

If you need help with templates, images or handy online (free!) graphics applications, we've made an ideas page - with links which could help.

In other news, we spotted this beautiful photo by ash-lip in the Flickr pool. Lovely photo, lovely cards - and such a great little improvised stand! GRAPHIC AND ILLUSTRATION STUDENTS try and remember this for next year. If you're having a degree show, you're going to need simple ways to display your work - and something future clients can take away and remember you by. (Trust me, I've been there.) This does two in one - cheaply.

And finally, thanks to Sheila, the wonderful Mum of MOO's ace developer Nicky... Look! She made us all bags! They're modelled here by Alicia and Nicky herself:

Tired of using plastic bags, which wreck the environment and are stupidly wasteful, Sheila made these bags via morsbags.com. Its a nice little resource, with patterns to use and information on how to put the bags together. So not only did we all get a nice little present, but we're cutting down on plastic bag consumption at the same time. What a very nice way to start the weekend.

Have a good one!


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14th Nov, 2008 20:23 (UTC)

Stop having sales when I'm broke! I need new Moo cards =(
14th Nov, 2008 23:46 (UTC)
I'm sorry
It was supposed to help :(
14th Nov, 2008 23:49 (UTC)
Re: I'm sorry
You're forgiven this time =) Next time though, be sure to give me like 5 months notice so that I can keep money lol.
15th Nov, 2008 08:37 (UTC)
Re: I'm sorry
of course! :)
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