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And so, our Caption Competition comes to a close. It's been great fun for us over the last 12 days, hunting down photos to use and reading your captions - some made us laugh, some were kinda sweet and a fair few made us think 'umm, what?!' We hope you've had as much fun as we have, and thanks very much to everyone who's taken part.

Next we're going through all the captions again, to pick out the winners. We'll be picking two captions per photo (hopefully) and announcing the winners in the blog by the end of the week. Good luck!


In the midst of the excitement of the past few weeks, we've also launched a brand new product - Christmas and Holiday Cards! For those of you who haven't had the chance to check them out, take a look. This year we've added templates into the mix, so you can make up to 25 cards using the same template but use a different photo and text on each one.

These are really nice for families keeping in touch with relatives across the globe, or even for businesses, wanting to send a highly personalised message to a client. You can also add your own logo or photo to the reverse of the cards to personalise it even further. There's quite a range of templates - and you can even 'upgrade' your envelopes to red, brown, gold or silver!

At this time of year, as thoughts turns to gifts for friends and loved ones, it's also good to be able to give to those less fortunate than you. Last year we donated money to MSF, and this year we asked for your help in choosing a charity to support, via sales of Christmas and Holiday Cards. Our newsletter readers voted from a range of international charities, and while it was a close call, the World Society for the Protection of Animals won by a cats whisker. This means for every pack of cards you buy, WSPA will receive £1/$2. Thank to everyone who voted!


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27th Oct, 2008 16:26 (UTC)
Well, I gave it my best shot! :^) That was fun.
29th Oct, 2008 23:10 (UTC)
aww, thank you for taking part :)
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