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It's all go in the MOO cowshed this week. Yesterday we announced the launch of our brand new product, the Mosaic Frame for MiniCards, and today we announce the start of our 12 day Christmas & Holiday Card Caption Competition!

Now, without wanting to make you all big headed, we know you're a creative and witty bunch. (The Egg Hunt showed us you were also rather clever too). So this season we thought we'd hold a caption competition, rather than a photography one, to get your creative juices flowing in a different way.

The idea is as follows:
• We post a Christmas / Holiday photo
• You post a caption in the moo.com blog comments (remember this bit, it's important - the captions must be on the moo.com blog!)
• The best two captions for each photo (as chosen by the MOO Crew) will win a 25-pack of MOO Christmas & Holiday Cards (debuting soon)
• The best caption of the whole competition will win a Grand Prize -- £125 (or about $250) worth of MOO products including the new Mosaic Frame

It's easy - and should be fun. At the end of it all, we'll make a People Powered Ready Made pack of Greeting Cards, which you or anyone else will be able to buy. AND money from each pack sold will go to charity, but more on that in a day or two.

Sound good? Hope so, because here's the first photo, taken by Vox_Efx.

All you need to do now is think of your caption, and post it in the moo.com blog comments to win a prize - woof woof!

The Rules:
First off this is just a fun little competition so we shouldn’t have too many rules, but we need a few to make it fair.

  1. Keep the captions clean please - imagine my Mum might receive one of these cards. The MOO judges decide if the caption IS clean.

  2. Everyone can play provided you follow rule number 1.

  3. Anyone can win except the MOO Crew (i.e. people who work and get paid by MOO)

  4. If two people write the exact same caption (we hope that doesn’t happen) and it is chosen as a winner, the caption we receive first wins.

  5. Only one of your captions can be chosen to win, but enter a lot because that might help your chance of winning.

  6. All submissions must be in by October 27, 2008 at midnight London, England time. (that’s 7pm for folks in New York or Toronto and 4pm for those in San Francisco or Vancouver)

  7. The best captions are picked by our internal panel of judges through a secret vote. Joy will watch that we don’t cheat.

  8. Grand prize will be chosen by secret vote cast by the MOO Crew (again, that’s people who work at MOO). Joy will watch that no one cheats.

  9. Winners will be announced on October 31st (oooh Hallowe’en)

  10. No whinging or whining please.


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9th Oct, 2008 19:42 (UTC)
Awwwwwwwwww that dog is smiling!
9th Oct, 2008 20:30 (UTC)
Will you post the pics here too on a daily basis? Or do we need to go there every day?
13th Oct, 2008 09:03 (UTC)
we'll post the images here too :)
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