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Hello, this is Nicky, one of the developers at MOO. Because I'm into API fun, (and just like showing off) I wanted you to see a beautiful use of MiniCards the lovely chaps at People's Music Store made up to thank their beta testers.

You all know how much we love people-powered here at Moo, whether it's making personalised gift tags or postcards from your actual holiday instead of boring Scarborough seaside collages (well, maybe I should go on better holidays, but anyway). So what do you get when you put MOO and the People's Music Store together?

At the People's Music Store you add exactly the music you want to your store (they've got lots), start telling people about it and when they buy from it, you get points to spend on more music for yourself. Perfect. Now I'm going to be a bit cheeky, and ask you to check out my own People Powered store and help me save up for the uber-awesome Magnetic Fields release I really really really need ;-)

So, the point, I get to it: imagine my delight after I had been helping beta test the site for them for a while, and in the post one morning was a totally gorgeous package of Moo MiniCards with my store name and link on the back, and my store picture on the front! Also included: a beautiful screen print, stickers and - my favourite bit - a packet of sweets.

Run by six guys over in Soho, who all have impeccable musical pedigrees, throw brilliant parties, and of course all have excellent taste in music, I showed it to Denise, Paul and Alex, the art & design geeks here at Moo, and they all fell in love with it too, especially the personalised letter and screen print by Kate Gibb (in keeping with the musical theme, you may recognise her work from some Chemical Brothers cover art).

The cards were printed using the MOO API, with different text on the back each time (you can do that when you're programming with the API) - with the newest wrapper, Ruminant. Ruminant is written in Ruby by James Darling, and at first it only supported lovely but lonely MiniCards for his People's Music Store project. But then he put his code up on GitHub, the social sourcecode website. He says, "Github's sort of like a code orgy" - uh-huh, and it must be sexy, because before long Tom Armitage found it, extended it, and now it works for stickers too.

I'm told there are other exciting but currently super-secret ideas hatching at People's Music Store and with Ruminant - I don't know what's going to happen, but I hope it involves more sweets.

Ooh - almost forgot! A few of us from MOO will be heading to the Photography Book Now event put on by Blurb on Friday, October 10th in London. It's a celebration of the winners and all entrants behind their People Powered photography book competition (we talked about the competition here). If you're interested, why not join us? Sign up over here: http://pbnmeetupuk.eventbrite.com/?ce=moo

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